New Death Stranding Gameplay & Videos Released, Geoff Keighley Confirmed as a Character

Gamescom 2019 has finally kicked off, and as previously teased some brand-new Death Stranding Gameplay has been released along with some character spotlights.

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Jin_Sakai567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

First real gameplay and Norman Reedus takes a piss and grows a mushroom. Amazing!

Christopher567d ago

I was never sold on this game, but this definitely did a great job of turning me completely off from it.

Kaedro567d ago

I was very interested in the game, but after seeing the new GamesCom videos, my hype got very low... That gameplay did not seem that good. Kinda boring actually.

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VenomUK567d ago

@Christopher. What turned you off, the pissing or playing as Geoff Keighley?!

Christopher567d ago

@VenomUK: Just how boring it looked and how much focus seems to be on simulating real-life than what I would consider enjoyable gameplay. I didn't like the "realistic" approach of RDR2, I'm not going to like the "realistic" approach of another game. Geoff having a spotlight in the game doesn't bother me at all, couldn't be any worse than Diana Allers in Mass Effect 3.

Sidenote, please remind me if any crazy, nutjob of a developer ever asks me to be in their game, the answer is a massive "NO!" I don't want to go down as the worst version of a cameo ever in a video game just because I thought it would be neat to be in a game.

TheKingKratos566d ago

I'm not hyped now at all tbh
I don't know what's going on ,the gameplay is showing me nothing

I want them to show me why this game is great could care less who is making it

milohighclub566d ago

I reckon kojima is just trolling. That's what he does.
Theres clearly action in the game, we've seen glimpses of it and some weird interesting snippets. He knows what people want to see Instead he shows sam sleeping and pissing. He's got to be trolling.

VenomUK566d ago

@Christopher. I see where you're coming from. The first reveals were mysterious and intriguing because they were so weird. Since then we have seen a bit of open world running which doesn't look that exciting compared to the big bombastic trailers we often see. However, I suspect and hope that there is actually a lot of action gameplay but Kojima and Sony have deliberately held back so as not to give all their secrets away. Either that or it's just a beautiful walking simulator! If Sony have faith in this, which it's clear they do from the exposure they have been giving it, then there will be in-depth previews before launch.

As for a cameo, who wouldn't want to live forever in a popular game? But my game of choice would be The Elder Scrolls VI like that grandma, because you know the game will probably be played for a decade.

milohighclub566d ago (Edited 566d ago )

The audio was pretty solid. The reverb sounded like they'd been out on location recording impulse waves, they've done photogrammetry so it's possible. If so it's gonna be something else.

He's definitely got some piss fetish tho.

Christopher566d ago

@milo: yeah, I did notice the quality of the audio in the videos posted today. Definitely a good team of sound engineers. Del Toro moving around and having his voice move along with him and 'hear' that change was pretty interesting and made me question how they did it.

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harmny566d ago (Edited 566d ago )

it was amazing. kojima made himself the god of gaming having literally 40 minutes codec cutscenes. just two still low res faces, voice acting and a dialog box.

and now people say this is boring because you have to walk and pee.

today ADD gamers please stick to crying about microtransactions on call of duty cosmetic progression. leave this to people who appreciate art

NeoGamer232565d ago

I am not sure what that video showed that was art.

I didn't see any fun in it, the graphics were not stunning, didn't see any creativity, it seemed like a video, the guy urinates, goes up a hill, makes a delivery, puts tags in a machine and he seems to get some sort of progression, provided by Geoff K....

Ummmmmm... OK.

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zoramax567d ago

I bet all those developers he visited will be the additional cameos.

Based on the "gameplay" I can tell this game will be very polarized with reviews.

excaliburps567d ago

I think it will. I'm ok with it since I know what I'm getting when I jump into a Kojima game (randomness). :)

abstractel567d ago

I'm starting to think the game will be boring. Haven't seen much evidence of otherwise.

UltraNova566d ago (Edited 566d ago )

I would be surprised if general opinion wasn't polarized about DS. I wasn't impressed by what I've just saw tbh. But I'm not letting it get to me. I am in for the story and Kojima's peculiar gameplay touches. I have to play this game for my self then I'll have my final judgement. And let me tell you, I wont go easy on it, Kojima had all the freedom in the world and he knows how to make super detailed and engaging gameplay but he did say in multiple occasions that DS is not like other games, its something new. So maybe we are at fault here for expecting more of the same, more of what we know.

We'll see soon enough.

Eamon566d ago

Hmm, Kojima did say you could play DS without actually shooting or fighting. So, I think he's definitely going for open-world survival gameplay. I don't think urinating was just a funny showcase. It had a ml gauge to it too. I'm guessing the gameplay will involve keeping the main character fed and hydrated too.

I think the objective is to create more "strands" i.e. links between the peoples and cities in post-apocalyptic US. Sam's deliveries are part of this. Perhaps the reality disconnect and the intersection between realm of the living and realm of the dead is to do with the reason why people are isolating from each other?

LucasRuinedChildhood567d ago

It will polarize users but probably not critics.

Thundercat77567d ago

Based on a few minutes gameplay... What a joke.

I expect many people will have to eat their poison just like they did with Days Gone.

theshredded567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

Pack it up people this is GOTY. There's nothing even close.

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TheOptimist566d ago

DMC5's 20 seconds of trailer had me more hyped than the 30 or so minutes I have seen of this game.

DMC5 will be GOTY easily. Also technical achievement because that good looking a game running at 60 fps is insanely extraordinary.

kitano1947566d ago (Edited 566d ago )

you're a crack head mate, DMC5 wont have anywhere near the sales of kojimas first game after the split

Petebloodyonion566d ago

Sorry but nope, As much as DMC5 is a good game it won't win GOTY
It's a Capcom multiplatform not really hype game so it has 0 chance.
This game as a good chance because critics love Kojima and dream about having a date with the guys so expect GOTY unless its a total flop (and remember how the media kiss ball for MGS5 perfect scored back ago).

TheOptimist566d ago


If you judge the success of games by sales, play CoD every year :) since that sells the most. And keep away from GOTY lists because you judge by how many people bought the game, not by how well a game is made.


Oh I know, Geoff Keighleigh has reached Kojima's underwear practically, even being featured in his game. I loved how they were sucking off each other in yesterday's presentation.

gangsta_red567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

Man, the best part was where Reedus was walking around that open barren world. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time.

Jin_Sakai567d ago ShowReplies(4)
xX-oldboy-Xx567d ago

gangsta - BANG! Kojima got one - it was a perfect trailer to feed the walking sim crowd. Do you think that was on purpose?

I do.

Also - they did say it was early in the game.

sushimama567d ago

Truth is we haven't really seen any true gameplay yet at all. Kojima has obviously decided that he does not want to show the main stuff yet. A few people are angry with how he has decided to unveil his game in this way. I'm excited to see what gameplay he decides to show at TOkyo Gameshow.

xX-oldboy-Xx567d ago

sushimama - I'm with you 100%, but if you put a few of the clips and the information they've given, it becomes a little clearer.

The profile vids he's posting are mind bending, what a fantastic imagination Kojima has.

PaleMoonDeath567d ago

The man that made the greatest marketing and video-game plot twist of all time with MGS2, and you think he's not holding back on purpose? :P Just wait and see, Kojima fans know what's up.

Veneno566d ago

Yeah and fans were upset they had to play as Raiden and not Snake.

PaleMoonDeath566d ago


That was the point in the character change, masterful and risky sequel, balls of steel.

DaDrunkenJester567d ago

Looks so damn bad lol Kojima is literally taking the piss with his audience. having to stop, sleep, rest, and pee? And then if you get injured or run to much you'll have to stop and sooth and cradle the baby using the controller? GTFO. Terrible gameplay presentation.

Hatsu12567d ago

I agree. This looks like a snooze fest. But wait if you have anything critical to say about this game people will call you an xbox fanboy. No, I personally own a PS4, and a PC. Game will eventually come on PC. I kept waiting thinking that maybe he will show something that will make me buy the game. He doesn't have shit to show because his game has terrible gameplay. I have better ways of being immediately put to sleep than playing this game.

DaDrunkenJester567d ago

I think the visuals, the graphics, the motion capture, the cast and the weird story are great and that has me intrigued, but I really wanted some solid gameplay to show me what I'll be doing outside of the story moments. This wasn't it man, I had a lot of doubts about this games gameplay and this was literally a piss poor showing.

Juusterey567d ago

Except a bunch of people here who criticized it and didn't get call d Xbox fanboys
In fact, you're the first one here to mention xbox

2pacalypsenow566d ago (Edited 566d ago )

That's because majority of PS gamers have an open mind on new types of genres/ games.

While everyone else makes fun of it because it's not a generic open world with 10000 useless quests and shooting mechanics from 2006.

rainslacker567d ago

"having to stop, sleep, rest, and pee?"

I don't get it. RDR2 was praised among critics for those first three things...and he goes one step further to include having to take care of bodily functions, and suddenly it's bad?

"And then if you get injured or run to much you'll have to stop and sooth and cradle the baby using the controller"

And yet, RDR2 was praised among critics for pretty much the same thing....except instead of a baby, it was a horse.

gangsta_red567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

What don't you get? Was Drunkenjester one of those critics that praised RDR2 for doing that?

DaDrunkenJester567d ago

First, I never praised any of that stuff and it got plenty of flak from the actual player masses. Second, to sooth the horse it was literally a button press, you didn't need to stop and cradle the horse with motion controls. As for the resting and such, it all depends on the balance. With RDR2 you could go a long time without needing to rest or sleep, and you had items that you could take to refill the statuses that sleep would do as well. Now it could be just for this trailer, but it looked like he was sleeping in the middle of the mission, and all of Kojima's pictures as of late always has him sitting around or resting. Hopefully he has that balanced right. And the peeing is not necessary lol There is survival realism, but like RDR2 sometimes it can be a bit too much, and adding pissing to your morning routine is crossing that line.

rainslacker567d ago (Edited 567d ago )


I never said you were. But, given that RDR2 was praised heavily for those things, I don't see why suddenly it would be a problem. I actually criticized RDR2 for those things myself, I'm just wondering why suddenly it's being picked up on for this game, but was never picked up on for RDR2 until after release. Maybe because R* didn't show that stuff off? Maybe because they made it seem like it'd be a much more exciting game than it actually was?

And, don't care what the differences were between how they were implemented, RDR2 required all that stuff, and it was tedious, and unavoidable. Almost all the criticisms I've seen of DS can be applied to RDR2, and it turned out to be a 90+ rated game, whose game play failings were ignored. I'm willing to give DS the benefit of the doubt, just like I did for RDR2, because I know the caliber of the developers. It just seems that DS is getting more flack, and if I had to guess, given who's giving that flack, it has more to do with the PS exclusivity, and unjustified hate for Kojima, than it does for the game itself.

Despite my criticisms of RDR2, I can still concede that it does enough right to make it a good game overall, and that's the view I take of DS right now, and I'm willing to stick to that because I am familiar with Kojima's work, and I respect it.

Be honest, if it weren't for the hype of the game for Kojima, or it being PS exclusive, would you even bother commenting? Those two things get some people excited for the game, yet since some are opposed to one or both of the things I mentioned, they have to make it a point to say that it's worse than it may actually be.

DaDrunkenJester567d ago

"Be honest, if it weren't for the hype of the game for Kojima, or it being PS exclusive, would you even bother commenting? Those two things get some people excited for the game, yet since some are opposed to one or both of the things I mentioned, they have to make it a point to say that it's worse than it may actually be."

I own a PS4 since launch and now own a PS4 Pro with a PSVR, I have played all MGS games. I have no negative bias against PS4 games or Kojima, but I'm not a blind follower of either also. I honestly did not care for MGSV at all and i'm seeing similar problems with Death Stranding's open world. MGSV had a boring and barren open world with repeated missions. I'm already intrigued by the story, now I want to see gameplay that is engaging and so far we really haven't seen it. We saw some small clips of some action, but that is it. Also, I'm not 100% writing off this game, I'm just calling this showing for what it was and it was a spade.

Christopher567d ago

***I never said you were. But, given that RDR2 was praised heavily for those things, I don't see why suddenly it would be a problem.***

Many of us criticized RDR2 for those things. It's still a problem. I haven't touched RDR2 since the month it came out and have probably only one trophy in the game. If this is looking more and more like that, I'm happy to never even touch Death Stranding.

EmperorDalek566d ago

It worked in Red Dead just fine, all those features made the world more immersive. They might work well in Death Stranding, but this gameplay certainly didn't demonstrate that. It can't get away with it if it's just empty mountains for most of the game.

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sushimama567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

We haven't seen anything of substance yet. Wait for the game reviews if you're worried. He also said he will show real gameplay at Tokyo Gameshow

DaDrunkenJester567d ago

I get that, but Kojima's ego is getting out of control here that he can literally piss on his fans with this trailer and they cheer for him lol There is always next conference to hopefully see something worth while gameplay wise.

567d ago
SegaGamer566d ago

"Wait for the game reviews".....yeah, let's wait for reveiws that will no doubt get called clickbait if they dare rate this game low.