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MaximusPrime_62d ago

What you guys think of trailer?
Like previous NFS trailers, they are too good to be true. It’s the gameplay and lifespan I’m interested in. Will it be as good as Need for Speed underground and Need for Speed Rivals? I guess i can only find out on demo or beta (if there will be one). Wasn’t happy with the last NFS (beta) that I didn’t play the full game.

excaliburps62d ago

I usually find NFS trailers looking nice, and then when I actually play it, there's usually a feeling of "been there,done that" with the whole pursuit thing.

Retroman62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Was Not!!!!!!!! impressed one bit. like you said to good to be true and disappointing. I know Surprise Mechanic loot boxes will be in it somewhere. Ea not Fooling me with glitter and color lights flashing.
Finally gamers are agreeing this game is Craptastic besides me.

D3athc3ll62d ago

agreed. looks shit as fuck!. EA is dead to me

62d ago
hiawa2362d ago

Preordered. Love the NFS games😁

mcstorm62d ago

I'm the other way round not a fan of NFS games but this looks to be a cross of burnout and Horizon and I love both them games. May get my self the EA game pass on pc to try this game and hope it plays well.

FreeFallFrenzy61d ago

I was thinking along the same lines. To me it looks like a mix of Burnout Paradise (my favorite racing game ever) and NFS Underground. So, a great combination. We'll have to see how the final product ends up now

mcstorm60d ago

Yeah it's an interesting look and for me a good one as this gen had not been amazing for racing games.

Jls162d ago

I havent bought a nfs in awhile, ima give this one a go though. 16 player online sounds interesting

nirwanda62d ago

Lol at around 42 seconds as the cops use their special moves to turn the trees into holograms.

dreamyOz62d ago

the car actually broke the trees lol

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The story is too old to be commented.