Thanks Respawn, Now I’m Worried about Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order

Respawn, what happened? How did we get to where we are now? For the past few years, everybody believed you were the golden child of EA, fighting back against what they seem to stand for whilst reassuring to the world that you were the true good guys. Then everything changed… when the Reddit nation attacked.

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Srhalo1500d ago

I was worried as soon as Disney gave Star Wars to EA.

Jin_Sakai1500d ago

Biggest mistake ever. EA ruin everything

Inzo1500d ago

Dont just blame EA, look what Disney has done to the Star Wars movies. Both companies are cut from the same cloth.

ShadowWolf7121499d ago

@Inzo Disney didn't do that. Lucasfilm did it of their own free will. lol

George Lucas was the one who made Kathleen Kennedy his successor, after all.

bloop1500d ago

I was worried as soon as Lucas gave Star Wars to Disney.

SlagWolf1500d ago

@bloop and your worries were well founded.
Disney took a The golden goose and cut its head off.

badz1491499d ago

For $4bil, wouldn't you?

opc1499d ago

oh are we pretending the prequels and return of the jedi are good movies now?

roadkillers1499d ago

The first Star Wars release from Disney made more than 4 Billion.. it wasn’t sold for the money.

2 billion just from theatres and then the licensing, toys, video games, tv show, tv deals, dvd sales, and other. Yeah, Lucas was tired of making movies.

ShadowWolf7121499d ago

@opc Return of the Jedi was always a good movie, are you high?

antz11041499d ago

Lol, because he had a great track record with the series for the passed 20 years, right? Prequels were a dumpster fire.

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Dom_Estos1500d ago

Yeah, but Disney haven't exactly covered themselves in glory with it either. The two of them are peas in a pod.

Zeref1500d ago

Imagine CD Project RED with the Star Wars IP

killswitch801500d ago

I was never worried with both and have been watching and reading Star Wars way before you kids.

badz1491499d ago

Wait...just NOW the author is worried?? Since when has this game look even remotely good? The only good news for the game was before they reveal it by saying there won't be lootboxes. Things after that are mostly worrisome. The gameplay reveal has done more harm that good for the game IMO

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Chaosdreams1500d ago

If EA is associated, being worried should be the default setting.

ClayRules20121500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Very true. The force is lost with EA.

SyntheticForm1500d ago

Will Star Wars ever be in the right hands?

CurbStompin1500d ago

You mean SJW Wars.. That's what it has become.

SlagWolf1500d ago

Star Wars is dead.
Most my entire family including aunts , uncles grandparents , cousins , nephews, etc were all huge Star Wars fans. Every Thanksgiving we watch the trilogy. We all went to go see Force Awakens which was around 40 of us. That killed it for about half of us for those who were still having phantom menace syndrome they got woke up after last Jedi.
Now I think only 2 people out of 40 are going to see Skywalker.
Disney made me hate Star Wars. Even the prequel trilogy wasn’t bad enough to do that

CorndogBurglar1500d ago

Yep. Star Wars is so dead the movies make a billion at the box office...

Hungryalpaca1499d ago


TLJ made half of what TFA made and Solo bombed. Skywalker is projected to make less than TLJ. That’s not good.

Nodoze1500d ago

ABSOLUTELY NOT pre-ordering this. Will await full reviews by gamers. EA will buy off press with large marketing campaigns for this one. I.E. We will not get a fair review.

Hoywhiskey1500d ago

I'm not worried because I wont be buying.