Call of Duty Is Shooting Itself in the Foot with Microtransactions

KeenGamer: "In a recent financial call, Activision Chief Operating Officer, Coddy Johnson bigs up the successes of Call of Duty Black Ops 4. In his statement, he discusses the game’s player retention. He also dances around the subject of microtransactions, which Activision prefer to call “net bookings”. While Activision is content to sit in a trance, dollars in their eyes, the long term viability of Call of Duty seems to be declining. Ask any Call of Duty fan and they’ll tell you that their exhaustion is the singular result of Activision's love of monetisation."

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Rachel_Alucard763d ago

That's funny how Black ops 4 is just above the worst selling post MW CoDs to date.

Nodoze763d ago

Gamers might FINALLY be getting wise with respect to being ripped off by publishers. While costs have gone up significantly, and I am not against paid additional content, it needs to provide value for money. Story based content as publishers have provided can be seen as a good benchmark. If adjustments are not made, gaming will die.