Respawn Entertainment's response to Apex Legends' loot is embarrassing

Respawn Entertainment recently took to Reddit to address concerns regarding Apex Legends. The end result probably wasn't what they planned.

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PapaBop665d ago

Can't spell Respawn without an E and an A. So glad I never jumped on the bandwagon, I avoid anything f2p from EA.

RpgSama665d ago

Freeloaders & [email protected]@hats, complaining how customers were very nice in the good old days without acknowledging that companies used to ship a complete product full price and now they basically sell us a work in progress early access game that may never be fully developed into a complete package.

F**** Off!!!

Atanasrikard665d ago

The game is free, you don't have to buy anything. So what is it they are selling you?

665d ago
RememberThe357665d ago

I haven't bought anything in Apex and I play almost every day. The cosmetic prices are ridiculous but since I don't buy cosmetics, I can't really get myself to care.

Shikoku665d ago


Go defend poor business practices and anti-consumer devs somewhere else. No one want you corporate cheer leading here.

Shane Kim665d ago

If this bs is defended, it's just a matter of time before they do this to fully priced releases. Come to think of it, companies allready do.

Zeegamereh665d ago

What’s with these F**king dumb people commenting “the game is free why are u complaining” y’all the type of People to get butt f**ked by EA LOL

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Iamnothuman12665d ago

In this case honesty is not the best policy.

Jin_Sakai665d ago (Edited 665d ago )

They say most of their players are bunch of freeloaders. And there not greedy charging $20 for a skin? Have some standards Respawn!

Atanasrikard665d ago

I'm a freeloader, though I have purchased the battle pass once. Now, as long as I complete each successive battlepass, I don't have to spend another dime to get unlocks as I get coins from the battlepass levels.

Shikoku665d ago

And you can't buy any of the 2 week event stuff with coins so hurry for you I guess. You seem to be the type of person who would be happy with having timed walls too.

Atanasrikard665d ago


I can buy any of the two week stuff if I wanted to, I choose not to. Care to clarify how I would be happy with timed walls? What are timed walls even? Cosmetics don't affect my ability to play the game. Maybe you should understand before you type. You seem to be the type of person who thinks everything should be given to you, regardless of the work someone else had to put in to something, you know entitled.

Baza665d ago

EA corruption has begun.

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The story is too old to be commented.