Could Three Houses' Popularity Mean Another Fire Emblem Rep In Smash?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses' popularity means a character might make it into Smash Bros, but will the community be happy?

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GameBoyColor26d ago

it'd be a waste but both balyeths' are bae so i don't care lol

Segata26d ago

Just give FE it's own fighting game.

DarXyde26d ago

If handled by ASW, I can get behind that.

ZeekQuattro26d ago

Its a given the professor will be in Smash Ultimate. Fire Emblem went from being a franchise on its last legs to a major Nintendo IP in just a few short years.

Mr Marvel26d ago

I don’t care about Smash Bros at all, but I really hope we get another Fire Emblem on the Switch.
Three Houses is superb.

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