Ranking the Dark Souls games - from worst to best

Richard writes: "I love the Dark Souls franchise, FromSoftware are one of my favourite developers, and I have sunk hours upon hours into their games. So understand when I tell you it has been extremely difficult to rank these games and put them into some kind of order; it has almost been like choosing between children… each one similar but unique in their own ways as well."

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Pyroxfaglover567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

Bloodborne, Demon's souls, DKS1,DKS3,DKS2 (DkS2 is actually really great,.. just not on the same level)
DKS1 in terms of NSCs and NPC interactions though,..

Sirk7x567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

Unpopular opinion, but Scholar of the First Sin is my favorite DS game. Might have been because it was the first one I played, but something about the world and setting in that game drew me in like no game has since.
Yes, I've beaten all of them lol.

UltraNova567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

No not unpopular at all. I think everyone's favorite Soulsborne title tends to be their first because that's when we first experience the Souls atmosphere and relentless lessons on perseverance and discovery that suck you in or turn you away for ever. Mine was Demon's Souls and its still my favorite to this day, even when I know first hand, that DS1 and BB are the far far superior games.

monkey602567d ago

While i believe you have a point I'm an exception to the rule. I played Demons Souls first but my favourite is the 1st Dark Souls because it was the first one to create the interconnected world.
Which I realise was a trade off for Demons world tendencies but I liked discovering new paths to the same locations

UltraNova567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

To each their own friend. Bit ask your self this, when did you get hooked on Souls? While playing Demons or DS1?

monkey602567d ago

Aww man since I imported Demon Souls from Play Asia because there was no Western release confirmed at the time. Absolutely adore the series.

UltraNova567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

See the better game doesn't necessarily mean it's your alltime me favorite :-).

darren_poolies567d ago


Same, absolutely adore Demon's Souls but DS1 made me really fall in love with the series. DS1 and BB are my joint favorite games of all time I refuse to pick one over the other.

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Nacho_Z567d ago

This quote about DS3: "It’s almost like a greatest hits from the previous games" is why it's not the best for me, yes it's the most polished but it's also the most derivative. Great game for sure and better than DS2, which had the same problem but wasn't as good, but it had a feeling of been there done that for me with very few surprises.

lucian229567d ago

Darksouls 3, demons souls, bloodborne, Ds1, sekiro, ds2