Top 10: Ways Loot Boxes Can Be Changed for the Better

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Loot boxes have been a hot topic of discussion as of late, with most of it being under scrutiny. From game enthusiasts, parents to politicians, it would seem as though everyone has an issue with what has become a common practice for video game developers and in all honesty, who can blame them for being upset? Addiction, stolen credit card info and unhealthy exposure to a younger audience has made loot boxes public enemy number one, but there are ways that developers could do good with this purchasable service and we have come up with 10 ways that this practice could be for the better."

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Community61d ago
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SkatterBrain61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Sell the Items individually put the crappy items 70cents -$1 and the better items $5-$7 or sets for $10 or buy a 5%chance loot box for an item you want for $1 a 50% loot box for $4 and a 90% chance for $7 or an option to buy it for $10 Loot Boxes piss me off when they give you duplicates, everything should be new until you unlock everything in the game

SkatterBrain61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

I Really Love the Ubisoft system where the more games i buy from them i can use those points to unlock stuff in that game or future or past games. it makes me feel good cause i get to choose what i want and still have points left over for the next game i wish they had more than 8 unlockable on average though

Spurg61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

1-Trading In Duplicate Items for Other Goods
That could work but people still choose to buy them as they are not given out freely especially when trying to earn loot boxes in Overwatch and COD. It takes several matches to earn them

2-More Security / Parental Blocks
Kids nowadays know more about tech than parents and they will very easily be able to disable it. A simple google search will do it for them.

3-Only Allow a Certain Amount of Purchases Per Day / Week
How about no purchases at all

4-Show Percentage and Chances for Every Purchasable Item
This wouldn't make any difference

5-Only Allowing Cosmetic Rewards
If its anything other than that then there is something wrong with it.

6-Remove Any Mentions Outside the Game Store

7-Allowing More Variety
This feels like you ran out of ideas when talking about anything positive about loot boxes.

8-Allowing Transparency Between Loot Boxes this doesn't solve anything

9-No More Competitive Edge
That's should never ever be the case.

10-Use the Platform as a Charity Fundraisers
Ran out of things to say. People are still using gonna buy the loot boxes and fuel their gambling addiction.

victorMaje61d ago

Top 1 way:
Look how they used to do games a few years back, done.

Sully524660d ago

As soon as i saw that this was written by one of the St Amour brothers, i knew it was gonna be retarded

esherwood60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Unless there’s a set amount of money to experience the whole game I don’t touch it. These games that should cost $20 at most with $10k economies is ridiculous

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