What Can Microsoft Do To Ensure A Smooth Launch For The Xbox Scarlett?

Microsoft doesn’t have to win to do well—but what do they have to do to do well in the first place?

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Jin_Sakai611d ago

Do the opposite of what they did with the Xbox One launch.

onisama611d ago

As a xbone fat owner i dont understand what the dislikes for... I mean what you said is the truth and i m a fan of xbox or lets say an ex-fan because of how angry i m toward xbox right now

611d ago
IRetrouk611d ago

Strong hardware, games that take advantage of that, less promises of the future and more for the console we buy, actual support, so far they dropped the first xbox after 4 years, the 360 support dried up by the time kinect came around and the one has had minimal support since after launch, they need to get it right this time, as it is I'm waiting to see what they do before buying a new gen xbox this time.

Fist4achin611d ago

I'd like to add, listen to the gamers and not tell them what they want, then bring on the games.

They have made enough acquisitions and I hope they can have a strong lineup in the next year or two.

chiefJohn117611d ago (Edited 611d ago )

I disagree, listening to gamers can be bad and have cause them problems before. "Give Kinect more support" we all know what happened next. Forced support when many gamers didn't gaf about Kinect regardless. Listen to your core base and top request. Like they did after XO launch

Rude-ro611d ago

“Do not sell what the consumers want, make the consumers buy what you are selling.”

Bill Gates



"Give Kinect more support"
Yea no one was saying that except maybe die hard xbox fans who didn't want to admit it was a failure

Godmars290611d ago

At least a 50/50 SP/MP game support as apposed to 5/95 they tend to give.

chiefJohn117611d ago (Edited 611d ago )

I debunked that myth so many times. Go look at there game list and jot down how many are mp only, how many are sp only and how many have both. You'd know they barely have mp only games in comparison to sp only or 50/50. You make a lot of ignorant statements. Do research before you type something up

ocelot07611d ago

Players ask for more story focused games not just SP only games @chiefJohn117.

A good example is Halo and Gears they both have single player and multiplayer. Yet I I'm willing to bed most Gears and Halo players get those games for the MP side of things.

Compare to say Uncharted and The Last Of Us from Sony. Both have single player and multiplayer. Yet I'm willing to bet most of the people who buy those games are more interested in the single player story rather than the multiplayer side of the game.

It's why I love Sony 1st party games. They focus more on single player and add decent multiplayer to there games. Where with Microsoft in my opinion focus more on the multiplayer and deliver a Okey/below average single player campaign.

Godmars290611d ago

If MS game support was healthy in any form, articles such as this wouldn't exist. Also guessing that any list you might have or link to would either be years old 3rd party or feature MP with SP element if not all three.

If there's any myth, its that, as they insist that their brand should be doing better, should be getting attacked by Sony fanboys, is that its not having the issues that it is.

GameStallion610d ago

Absolutely. If anyone needs proof of this statement, see Sony’s success with almost all their exclusives being single player epics. That’s what I like, that’s what so many other people like- an actual story & captivating, OG game design. Not frenetic, battle-royal multiplayer trash. Don’t understand your downvotes.

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Srhalo611d ago

Pretty much continue what they are doing, more emphasis on services and streaming and putting their games on Nintendo and PlayStation.

KwietStorm_BLM611d ago

Don't talk about TV TV TV, sports, sports, anything relating to a terrible always-online check-in system, limited used games protocols, mandatory camera accessories, or buying the old system if the new one isn't for you.

goldwyncq611d ago

The Xbox One today is virtually indistinguishable from the one they revealed seven years ago but okay.

BlackOni611d ago

I think that's the point this poster was making. They started off this way and stumbled for years before they finally changed their tune. Those years were mind and market share lost during a systems arguably most important years on the market.

If they can launch this new product without doing what they did before, they'll be in better shape by default.


xbox one is being outsold almost 4 to 1 now so I would think they would want to change something

KwietStorm_BLM611d ago

Are we or are we not talking about the LAUNCH of the console?

KeenBean345611d ago

Making sure Halo Infinite is as good or better than Halo 3 pretty much guarantees a good launch for the console

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