Guru3D: Intel Core i7 920 and 965 Review

Guru3D: "Damn, they're, quick aren't they? Intel's Core i7 processors are multi-threading monsters, and this is an extremely enjoyable processor series. It's a hit, it's a killer. It's always simple, if an architecture feels right from the beginning, it's bound to be a success. Vice versa it's the same way as we noticed with AMD's Phenom X4 processor which are absolutely lovely processors, yet still are fighting with Intel's two year old Q6600 processor.

If we take the Core i7 920 as shown today, we still are a little in disbelieve .. 284 USD is surely a lot of money for an entry level quad core processor, but the fact is .. it's a very good amount faster than todays most high-end 1300 USD QX9770 processor. Now of course due to Intel's' strong position the last two years they have been able to keep price high and the performance quite level. The result is a rich contrast in price and performance. But man, I'll take it, that Core i7 920 is a great little processor."

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