Nintendo of America says they do not have an exchange program for revised Switch models

Looks like you're out of luck.

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Jin_Sakai668d ago

That’s always the case.

VenomUK667d ago

Which websites blindly cut and paste this story without fact checking?

Tross667d ago

Makes sense. I mean, that would be a costly deal from the company's standpoint. Good thing we know how to spot a new model vs an old model Switch in the wild.

AK91667d ago

This doesn't bother me that much since I heard the differences between the revised edition and original was very minor.

Larrysweet667d ago

Double battery life pretty major but thats it

Neonridr667d ago

lol, double is a bit much. But yes, better battery life is the biggest change there.

KillZallthebeast667d ago

Has this ever been the case with any consoles getting updates?

3-4-5666d ago

* Did Sony have an exchange program for the PS4 Pro from the slim?

Did Microsoft have an exchange program for the XB1 s?

No...if you want it, but it's not needed.....why manufacture an issues that isn't their....dumb media