PS5 will be defined by its approach to gaming, not by raw power

In the long run, PS5 will be defined by its approach to gaming, not by raw power, as 4K will lose its appeal sooner rather than later.

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slavish060d ago

During the start of the generation most games are multiple platform, unfortunately. It Usually takes a while to get games that r built for the system to shine. Power is very important initially to show differences and thats why i got the ps4 over xbox

MasterCornholio59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Well things could change if Sony decided to launch the PS5 with some high quality exclusives. In addition to that the PS5 is backwards compatible with the PS4 and will dramatically improve PS4 games. With that said if someone is looking at the PS5 to play high quality Sony exclusives I'm pretty sure they will have plenty of them to choose from when the system releases.

That's the reason why I believe power won't be so important this time around in the beginning of the generation especially with the PS5 being backwards compatible with so many high quality games.

Now of anyone has to be worried about having the weaker system it's Microsoft because they need to have the most powerful system of they want to keep their promises and not lose face.

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ocelot0759d ago

I think Sony at least will be on the ball with the PS5 at the start. There is a reason why there is not a lot left exclusive wise coming to the PS4. I think they will have plenty of teams working on PS5 games right now and most likely have had them working on them for a good year or so. I think there will be 2 or 3 exclusives at launch or launch window. Then a few spread out over 2021.

MasterCornholio59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Also take into account the PS5 will be backwards compatible with the PS4 so there will be a nice library of exclusives to choose from at launch. Not to mention PS4 games will be even better on the PS5 so that will be even more reason to get one at launch.

Tapani59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I think there will be one or two exclusives for PS5 during launch window to showcase the power and new capabilities. They will probably be shorter experiences. Cross-gen games might have their PS5 versions shown as well with ray tracing, native 4K and better visuals etc. Especially for people upgrading from base PS4, there's a lot to like here. Not so much for PS4 Pro owners, unless there's a PS5 Pro from the start.

OB1Biker59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

It's important not to be underpowered at the start but it's obvious both will be powerful consoles with similar power and able to easily deliver the required standard resolution (4k now)
That was not the case in 2013.
Rest is matter of timing when you feel exclusive games make it worth it for you to upgrade to new gen

Elda59d ago

Sony will bring it as usual.

thexmanone58d ago

They didn't`t bring it for me. I never got one.

Elda58d ago

XBO or Switch didn't bring it for me so I never got one.

TheColbertinator59d ago

Gaming consoles defined by their gaming selection. Astonishing.


SyntheticForm59d ago

Who knew that video games were of paramount importance to gaming?

badz14959d ago

MS lost that plot this gen. soo.... it might not be that obvious as we thought it was

jznrpg59d ago

They will have enough power and they are good at making old hardware better by optimization as the generation goes on. And extra flop or whatever won’t be that If of a deal this gen. They make the games and should continue to do what has made them successful. The only thing I think the games they want to censor should have a separate version with a higher rating like Adult. I understand the censoring but they should just give us the same game that’s in Japan .

jukins59d ago

You know ps4 is region free. . . If you just gotta have your perv anime games you can just import it because no console maker is gonna allow adult only games on their system.

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