Breath of the Wild 2 Will Be Better Than BOTW

Breath of the Wild 2 Will Be Better Than BOTW - While BOTW was a fantastic game, BOTW 2 promises a stellar story and promises to surpass the original.

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PlayStationBrah1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Nintendo is on fire with the Switch! BoTW2 will be HUGE for them.

mikeslemonade1508d ago

Breath of the Box Puzzle. Walking and climbing simulator.

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King_Noctis1507d ago

And it will never be as good as the original, aka BOTW.

thesoftware7301507d ago

You got 30 disagree for stating 2 facts! Lmao.

goldwyncq1507d ago

Playstation fanboys can't even stand hearing positive things about other consoles. They're either toxic kids or adults with severe developmental issues.

HeyHeyHeyGaming1508d ago

Glad it’s going into a darker direction!

Godmars2901508d ago

At which point it becomes ice, a solid.
And when overheated it turns to steam, a gas.

Hydrogen hydroxide can occupy all states of matter. Its everywhere you are, and many places you aren't and will never be.

LightofDarkness1508d ago

Water isn't wet because it is a liquid that wets things. Once you come into contact with water you become wet. Until then water is liquid and you are dry.

Segata1508d ago

Water is not wet. It's a liquid. Water makes something wet but the water itself cannot be wet.

Xaevi1508d ago

I'm glad it's a continuation, gives me hope for a continuation within the Twilight timeline

Kabaneri1508d ago

They need to step up the sidequests.

NecrumOddBoy1508d ago

Main Quest, Triforce, Items, Dungeons, and everything else that makes it an actual Zelda title.

mgszelda11508d ago

I still have yet to beat botw. I was honestly underwhelmed. Small dungeons was a big problem for me.

Sirk7x1508d ago

This is true, the sidequests in BotW were not great. I don't even care about material rewards for the quests, just give them a great mini storyline like in Witcher 3, to flesh out the world's lore.

King_Noctis1507d ago

This. The sidequests in BOTW were lacking (maybe they were made to fit the post-apocalypse world).

BOTW 2 is more than likely will have a more populated worldmap, so that give me alot of hope.

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