Crytek:SSD Will Be the Real Game Changer for PS5/Next Xbox, Opening Up Lots of Design Possibilities

Crytek said that the SSDs in next-gen consoles will be the real game-changer from the hardware standpoint, opening up lots of possibilities to design games around them.

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_SilverHawk_612d ago

Sounds good but every console generation you'll hear some developers say within a year or two that a console is lacking in someway.

UltraNova611d ago

Nothing wrong with that its totally natural. Devs will always want more resources and power its their job and they are wired like that.

omegaheat611d ago

I anticipate what the next complaint will be from developers. The Xbox One X is vastly superior to any console on the market as well as the average PC for gaming. They never efficiently use the resources available to them no matter how many improvements to hardware are available each new generation. To be honest, the hardware gets better, but the games are getting worse as far as the fun factor. Hardware alone can't induce creativity.

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Cybermario612d ago

insteresting, looking forward to see how tech keeps improving

Alexious612d ago

Next big step will be holography. VR headsets will never take off if you ask me.

DillyDilly612d ago

Be prepared for the attacks by a certain fan base

Hungryalpaca612d ago

They already have. Millions have sold. It’s just the price keeping many from buying them.

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mkis007611d ago

Where is holography at in regards to current or future availability? Vr would be the first step.

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OMGitzThatGuy612d ago

Surprised this isn't a gamingbolt article

Nitrowolf2612d ago

Crytek ain’t indie or unknown enough for them lol

Movefasta1993612d ago

I want them to make a crisis 4, I recently beat crisis 1 on pc and it was awesome, the gameplay is really fun. The graphics aged well too of course, but every fire fight feels unique.

isarai612d ago

First thing that pops into my head is that with being able to stream/load environments faster a superman game should be very doable now

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The story is too old to be commented.