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No Man's Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe.

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Babadook7568d ago

So LODs take a hit in detail. Still, vr is probably the best way to play this game. The motion gun aiming alone would make this a ton of fun.

UltimateOwnage568d ago

It really does make it a lot more fun. The visuals are a bit softer for sure but it quickly melts away when you’re flying a ship in VR for the first time and realize the shape of the cockpit changes how much view you have around your ship when dog fighting. Or when you aim and cut holes in the world and feel like you’re really crawling into the earth to hide. The game really has an alien feel when you can feel the depth of the skyline as you look out to see planets in the distance over the horizon. It really makes it a much better experience to play in VR. It’s now one of my favorite VR games.

Pyroxfaglover568d ago

Really need to get psVR one of these days,.. Love the game,.. almost wish I could play unpatched version (you guys remember that strange digital effect it used to have at 1.0 when drawing in the image,..I kinda liked that,.. The only problem I had with that aesthetics was piss poor performance and crashing every 10 minutes,.. but I liked how strange and raw it looks)

Mr_Luke568d ago

I don't like it at all (VR). When you "teleport", since you don't walk in VR, you choose where to go and you appear there, ruins the fun for me. And that teleporting thing annoys my eyes, after a bit of those jumps i have to stop a bit because they burn. This doesn't happen with the other VR games i have.
So i forget the VR and use the normal view. Even the graphics are a lot worse with the VR.

Bruneblomst568d ago

try to use smooth control(full movement control)instead of teleport. Im playing on psvr and with smooth control. And this game is up there with skyrim vr imo. Peace:)

Mr_Luke568d ago

Great, i didn't know about that option. Thanks.

Richhard1568d ago

Even with many bugs, it still a massive feat of technology, It’s every boys dream to travel through space, visit strange planets, encounter new species, hot, cold, killer climates, atmosphere, weather systems, create, build, dogfights, survive. The sound is also unreal, first time I entered an underground cave in VR, my dog walked past my feet, I shat myself, kin awesome.