Square Enix Hit With More Death Threats, Cancels Game Tournaments

Starting this weekend, there were supposed to be events for mecha arcade game Starwing Paradox at four cities across Japan. Those events have been canceled due to death threats.

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thatguyhayat35d ago

No, this has to be taken seriously after what happened at the animation studio. A lot of lives were lost

TheFirstClassic35d ago

Square Enix canceling large events because of death threats isn't news worthy?

Angyobangyo35d ago

Are you for real? Do you even watch the news or just stuck in video game la la land? By kotaku standards this is actual news rather than the usual drama they try to stir up. In Japan Kyoani had threats sent to them and eventually 35 people lost their lives. These treats need to be taken seriously.

Japan has a lot of people who are social recluses which results in some with mental issues. So it is easy for loonies to cause harm to other law in public.

Knushwood Butt35d ago

'Japan has a lot of people who are social recluses which results in some with mental issues. So it is easy for loonies to cause harm to other law in public.'.

You write that after criticizing me?

Sgt_Slaughter35d ago

I'm usually the first to shit on Kotaku and Polygon, but no this is not the right example for this.

Juancho5135d ago

It's actually kind of a serious situation over there. I would say this is a very important news article ...

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autobotdan35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

You have to take these death threats in Japan serious now. After what recently happened to Kyoto animation studio. Kyoto animation studio was getting constant death threats and unfortunately something did happen that took 33 lives at the studio. These death threats in Japan can be real warnings

35d ago
The_Sage35d ago

What the hell is wrong with people? Why would you threaten someone's life? Those people are sick. What is this about anyway?

Elda35d ago

Though there are many good people in this world but right along with the good folks there are some bad evil twisted miserable psychotic fked up people in this world as well.

rainslacker35d ago

I understand why they're cancelling, and it's a damn shame. But realistically, is society going to spend its existence in fear of what may happen? Take serious threats seriously. Take precautions. But if things get cancelled because of every threat, it would be too easy to shut things down, because there will always be someone who's pissed off about something.

Then you have this stuff happening where everything is getting cancelled, so nothing happens, then it just becomes white noise, so serious threats get lost in the fray, at which point, something happens because no one took it seriously.

I don't know what Japans laws are on investigating or detaining those who make threats, but in the US it is illegal, and if it can be traced, you will be detained and likely tried to some extent.

autobotdan35d ago

Japan needs Detectives working overtime in 2019 =(

rainslacker34d ago

Sometimes it feels like the whole world does.

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