PlayStation 4 exclusive leads Gamescom Awards 2019 nominations

Concrete Genie up for four prizes at the show.

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Jin_Sakai563d ago

They consider Concrete Genie a family and most original game?

Best Action Adventure
Best Family Game
Most Original Game
Best PS4 Game

IamTylerDurden1561d ago

It's a first party game via Pixel Opus and it has 2 VR modes in addition to the main PS4 game. The art style is brilliant and Shawn Layden really pushed for this game.

rdgneoz3561d ago

Read about the game at all or see a trailer? The main character deals with bullying, as well as painting the whole town / bring it back to life. Its kid / family friendly and uniquegame. The art reminds me of Folklore.

frostypants561d ago

Folklore! That was such an interesting game. Wish they'd have made a sequel.

SkatterBrain561d ago (Edited 561d ago )

thanks for reminding me of Folklore , forgot how much fun it was , was really impressed it came out close to the launch of the PS3 its what i wished Final Fantasy 13 would have felt like , after playing final fantasy 10 over and over then seeing this got me excited to see final fantasy 13 then i was dissapointed , but soon after i bought final fantasy 12 and really enjoyed that one too

DarXyde561d ago

Folklore was so underappreciated. I really enjoyed that game.

nix561d ago

ah Folklore... beautiful memories... what really killed the mood for many was probably you had to do the same storyline twice with two different characters.

it was truly a great game to be honest.

Sevir560d ago

Omg I loved Folklore! That game had some brilliant usages of the sixaxis controller. I wish we got a sequel and a PS4 remaster. The combat was awesome

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coolbeans561d ago

It's an original IP that's going to be rated E10+. I think those are the main qualifications to qualify for those accolades.

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Kribwalker561d ago

I’ve been saying it’s my most anticipated PS4 game this year. It seems it is pretty good

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Knushwood Butt563d ago

Concrete Genie looks great. Also has some kind of VR support.

I'm seriously considering pre-ordering the digital deluxe version.

CP_Company563d ago

it is just 30$. so the price is very tempting, already pre-ordered.

Knushwood Butt562d ago

Yeah, the digital duluxe comes with bonuses that don't come with the retail version where I am so I will pre-order that. Digital soundtrack and digital art book. Maybe a PS4 theme too but that may come as a retail bonus too.

IamTylerDurden1561d ago

Digital Deluxe is 39.99 and u get

Full game
Digital soundtrack
Digital artbook
Dynamic theme
An art park which adds more options to your in-game painting

All preorders come with avatars and a theme, but the digital deluxe has an extra dynamic theme.

It's well worth preordering the digital deluxe imo. The theme, art pack, and soundtrack are certainly worth $10, and tthe artbook and preorder bonuses are icing.

IamTylerDurden1561d ago (Edited 561d ago )

2 VR modes including a paint mode where you create living masterpieces throughout the world and a more story focused mode that introduces new adventure. I'm excited.

Knushwood Butt563d ago

Most Original Game
Concrete Genie (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Dreams (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Felix The Reaper (Daedalic Entertainment

fonger08562d ago

How are the majority of these games up for rewards if they’re not out yet?

jukins561d ago

It's a game show about upcoming games..... you're acting like their giving out game of the year awards

fonger08561d ago

It’s was just a question there dude.

jukins560d ago

And I answered. Every games show has awards pertaining to games at the show.

SamPao561d ago

The poinz of these awards are to give them to the games that look and play zhe best BEFORE they are out. Thats the point. Publisher show the games off and zhey receive awards for originality and so on. Its not about games that are already out. There are other awards for that

fonger08561d ago (Edited 561d ago )

Ah gotcha, so are games that are only at Gamescom nominated then? I would thought the likes of Last of Us or Death Stranding would be on there. Thank you kindly for the clarification.

SamPao561d ago

Yeah should only be games that are at gamescom

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