Missouri Game Store Trade-N-Games Has Over $100,000 of Rare Games Stolen

The Missouri-based game store Trade-N-Games was the subject of a robbery that would see 150 games, valued at over $100,000, lost.

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Soybetaboy63d ago

I'm sure he's insured probably an inside job.

Exvalos63d ago

Rare items like that are hard to move, if stolen. Especially stadium events I believe the carts are numbered so good luck selling it.

Quetza63d ago

Such specific rare itens, my guess would be that they already have a buyer and he sponsored the heist.

Soybetaboy63d ago

Thats why I believe it's an inside job to claim that insurance.

xVOLTx63d ago

Assuming the criminals even knew what they were taking...

isarai62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Carts are not numbered, only identification would be the grading documentation which the thief could just ditch.

@ Quetza & Soybetaboy

"Such specific rare items" well all they took was the safe which had all the more valuable game in them.

"Thats why I believe it's an inside job to claim that insurance." Well wouldn't really benefit that much as insurance only cover cost, which would only be roughly 1/3rd-1/2 of what they'd actually sell it for.

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banshyork63d ago

Ranging from Atari 2600 to the Sega CD, yes old games do sell for a hefty sum these days.

harmny63d ago

the problem of having physical games. digital ftw

KyRo63d ago

Apart from having to get up and and put a disk into your console, the pros of physical majorly outweigh the pros of digital. Look at the response of Google Stadia in terms of your collection of the service gets shit down. Look at PT and TMNT and the older games getting pulled from stores because of music tracks etc. Digital is not that great.

Tapani63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

I never ever had any trouble from the Steam/GoG early days and PS3 PSN store until today to Switch / 3DS stores, and PS4 stores. Always could download and install the game faster than going to the store and install from disc, the digital games never deteriorate, they do not tarnish the environment with the plastic packaging and paper booklets, there are no shipping / manufacturing costs and the systems I use them stay slightly more quiet because there's no physical part moving such as a blu-ray.

And in Europe, you can sell your digital collection as well, albeit I only buy games that I want to play again in 5-20 years on a better system or just for the sake of nostalgia. Also, digital games do not take space, and there's no need to move them to a new location ever.

HentaiElmo63d ago

@Harmny The benefits of physical not needing internet to play and be afraid waiting for the servers to go down on your favorite game or a internet blackout in your area.
Be lucky enough and you have the house paid with a physical rare games or go to college on old games, buy a new car, go on a vacation to japan during TGS. I’m stopping here because kid I’m blowing your mind too much and don’t want to kill the last few cells you used on that comment

Cmv3863d ago

Gamestop valued the collection at $57.67 dollars.

phoenixwing63d ago

Dont forget instore credit is an even 5 bucks more

CrimsonWing6963d ago

Ok I legit lol’d at this comment. I thank you, sir!

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