Apex Legends Changes How to Earn Iron Crown Skins After Player Backlash

Respawn Entertainment is changing how legendary skins for the Apex Legends Iron Crown limited time event can be earned, after a massive outcry from players who say the current system is too punishing.

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leemo1932d ago

So other news EA still doesn't fix the problem and pricing still way over price 20 skin pretty much uhhh no.

KillZallthebeast31d ago

Well actually at 20 a skin they're about on par with bethesda's 76 XD

Magic_Spatula30d ago

It's not just the $20-ish per skin either. You still gotta play the event for a chance to get the 24 items required to unlock the ability to purchase the stupid axe for $30. It's still not all of the skins and you can't even buy all of the Epic and Legendary skins either. They're on "rotation" every 3 days and there's only a week left in the event. This is the new strategy by greedy AAA developers. Make a game and release it without the initial microtransactions. Wait a few months then release all of the microtransactions after the game has garnered it's "positive" reviews.

Thunder_G0d_Bane30d ago

Well it’s a free game what did you expect?

I have no leg in the race as I haven’t an have no plans to play this game. I don’t care for battle royale games. Looking forward to borderlands 3.

Magic_Spatula30d ago

@BenRC01 and Thunder_G0d_Bane

Just because a game is free, it still doesn't give a company leeway to charge that amount of money for cosmetics. $20 is a bit much for a "micro" transaction. They shouldn't even be called microtransactions at this point. There's absolutely nothing micro about them. It seriously does not cost a company $20 to make a skin. Modders have been making them for years for free. $20 for like and expansion ala Witcher 3, that I can understand. It probably took them months to make that expansion while in this case, maybe a few hours to make a skin? The price doesn't justify it.

frostypants30d ago

@Thunder_G0d_Bane exactly. It's self entitlement. Some people hate anything they can't have. They can't handle it if someone else can afford to waste money on this cosmetic crap and they can't. Simple as that. No matter how much they lower prices, someone will complain until everything is entirely free.

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frostypants30d ago

So don't buy them. F2P games will always have a few pricey items. If they are just cosmetic I don't know why people get so angry.

Jin_Sakai32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Now you can buy the skins from the store in rotation for the low low price of $18 a piece! What a deal! Thanks EA.

KillBill30d ago

Which would be ok if they had the ability to earn virtual money towards said items in game like Fortnite has. EA simply makes you pull out your wallet with no real choice.

TheOptimist31d ago

It's funny how people crying over virtual skins (And as a result caring about them) can be a metaphor for the superficial nature of the majority of gamers.

Maisay31d ago

Any creature with sight use that sense to judge. Or minds don't care if the visual is 'virtual' or 'real'.

scoot_n_loot31d ago

If you're not dressed pretty can you even be good? Helllllll no

TheSaint30d ago

It's less about that and more about the predatory nature of these sorts of MT's, do a little research and learn how these things can affect children and those that are susceptible to predatory MT's.

Companies like this are literally trying to trick people into spending more than they want to. That's what's scummy about this, the lack of honesty.

shaun mcwayne30d ago

Well said, you read my mind, it just ashame some people think their avatar says somthing about their personality. In my opinion your avatar is just one in a long line of avatars im gonna kill, I dont look at twice. But if your gameplay is good I might watch your replay, if I dont rage skip.

BlackDoomAx30d ago

It's funny how people doesn't caring for other people can be a metaphor for the superficial nature of the majority of people.

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Boozehound31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I know it's free to play but $18 for a skin, that's insane. Here's a few of my favorite DLC for comparison.

Witcher 3 Expansion Pass: $24.99
Undead Nightmare: $9.99
GTAIV Ballad of Gay Tony: $19.99
ME2 Lair of the Shadow Broker: $9.99

No way in hell am I paying $18 for one skin.

Action GO FIGURE31d ago

You're comparing gameplay to visual aesthetics? Wow, just wow.

Boozehound31d ago

I'm comparing price and value.

Action GO FIGURE30d ago

This is a free game... the money you could of spent buying this game instore could go towards skins if they mattered that much to you?

KillBill30d ago

Which would have came out to possibly 2 skins. Whoopeee.... such a grand marketing plan.

frostypants30d ago

None of those were free games. Free game = pricier content. Be happy it isn't P2W (like GTA Online kinda is now).

Ninver31d ago

I can proudly say I have never purchased any of this useless superficial stuff in any game EVER! absolute waste of money.

Salooh30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Same except that someone bought me a skin in League of legends as a gift to convince me to play with him and I still feel bad that i joined him in this crime, i still freaking remember it.

Ninver30d ago

Damn you caved lol. Still you didn't purchase it so props to you.

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