Borderlands 3 YouTuber's channel disappears amidst Take-Two investigation over leaks

Earlier this month, the Borderlands 3 community was in uproar after YouTuber Matt "SupMatto" Somers, a prominent Borderlands content creator, published a video claiming Take-Two had sent private investigators to his house over Borderlands 3 leaks covered on his channel. Take-Two confirmed it was investigating Somers for profiting from breaking their policies and "illegal" activities, leading to arguments on social media over Somers' innocence, and the #BoycottBorderlands3 hashtag.

The latest development in this story is that Somers' channel has simply, well, disappeared.

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XiNatsuDragnel64d ago (Edited 64d ago )


killswitch8062d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Don't act like you was ever going to buy the game in the first place. Don't worry hero I bought a copy for my buddy and I bought myself two copies one on PC and one on PS4.

TheOpenWorlder62d ago

You didn't buy shit. stfu. lol

Spicyram62d ago

Good stuff. Borderlands 3 is going to be amazing. I'll be sure to by myself two copies on Ps4 as well, one for my brother and one for me.

Soybetaboy62d ago

Same here I already have the Diamond exclusive edition through Gamestop

JackBNimble62d ago

This is the problem, when these big companies do this shady shit you guy's still support them .
MT's , anti-consumer practices, harassing gamers who are actually promoting their product.

You guy's complain about this shit yet you won't take a stance against it by not supporting this garbage.

You are the problem

I am boycotting all take two products because I want real change in the industry.

killswitch8062d ago

@TheOpenWorlder yup even bought the 99 dollar version on the Epic Store for myself. Why is it so mind blowing that I already purchased this stuff like a month ago. Are you poor or something....

ChristopherJack62d ago

Buying stuff to spite others? Man human kind is warped.

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Squall500562d ago

You'll all buy it anyway. Same with every other game boycott.

Soybetaboy62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

🤣🤣🤣; no

CP_Company64d ago

as$holes had nothing against him except some bias biff. they bullied discord and youtube as conglomerate. this shows how easy for big companies to destroy all "small" people if in their own mind they don't like something, even if their are hugely wrong.

nismo37062d ago (Edited 62d ago )

You are hugely wrong. You're ignorant and blind.

Maisay62d ago

What did he do wrong? Did he pirate the game? Did he break NDA? If so, he deserves it. Companies aren't people. THey don't hold grudges or get personal. it's a pure business and a numbers game. I'm guessing the douche did something he shouldn't just to get virtual clicks on virtual arrows pointing up...

GameBoyColor62d ago

Nope. He just happened to follow leads that the devs left up (linked channels/streams) and found a bunch of info out of it. He didn't sign any nda or anything.

Summons7562d ago

He was leaking information from a source within the development team itself and was selling more leaked information through his discord. T2 copyright struck a few and sent a couple investigators over while investigating the leak within the company. Meanwhile this guy starts throwing a giant fit (because he got caught doing things he shouldn't have that were illegal), started deleting incriminating videos, and now deleted his channel apparently all while screaming about how innocent he is and how he did nothing wrong. When the investigators showed up he also willingly let them in and started bragging all about his leaks but then cried about how he was tricked (he wasn't and he could have easily turned them away). T2 came out and said they were going after criminal charges with this guy (despite the evidence) and were only investigating the leaks.

This guy clearly got caught with his pants down and is freaking out and trying to fearmonger whatever followers obscure youtubers have into not buying the game.

Wolffenblitz62d ago

Got a source for all of that?

Sophisticated_Chap62d ago

I just don't get why people obsess about upcoming games so much. Just wait until the damn thing releases.

killswitch8062d ago

He worked with an inside source with in the company to leak information on his channel and his discord. They are investigating his channel to discover the leaked source. I don't understand the problem. He made substantial money working with this inside source and he possibly paid this inside source for the stuff they shared.

Maisay62d ago

Ah, I see. Well, that's the nature of monetising leaks: it's attractive, but if you get caught it can blow up in your face. It seems he danced the dance but got burned.

CP_Company62d ago

T2 washed your brains pretty hard. or you work for them? or you are just totally ignorant and blind?

Summons7562d ago

You don't delete videos and channels when you haven't done anything wrong. Heck, you don't freak out like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar. Sure he got leaks from inside the company but he was the one monetizing off the videos and selling information through discord, which is the reason Discord deleted his channel. Overall T2 doesn't even care about this crybaby, they are trying to investigate the person inside the company who is breaking NDAs and leaking information.

nismo37062d ago

You don't know what you're talking about.

Maisay62d ago

Unless you mean Terminator 2, I have no idea what you are referring too.
But yes, T2 was an awesome movie. Still holds up today.

neutralgamer199262d ago


You must be working for take two because I only see you defending them and posting how many copies of their game you are going to buy

Here is something:

He never signed a NDA or AUP yeah look it up there isn't anything take two can do about his leak legally. If they could they sue him but they know their case is all substantial evidence

Not a single person confirmed he was charging $5 for his discord to release extra information. His discord had a lot of borderlands fans who were all digging for more information

Also how can they blame him for their idiotic behavior by leaving up screen shots on twitch which BTW all major sites reported on

This shows that moving forward any of these channels that cover the negative side of a publisher could be struck down. And gamers as always will show no unity and buy games day one regardless

And than we have people like you who work for certain companies and get paid to make accounts to defend serra in companies

dumahim62d ago

"Not a single person confirmed he was charging $5 for his discord to release extra information. His discord had a lot of borderlands fans who were all digging for more information"

Yeah, this is the part that really bugs me. Inside Gaming claims they were provided screenshots showing proof that he had all this leaked info in his Discord which you had to pay to access. I've never heard anyone who was a part of that group confirming that. Besides, even if there was all this leaked info he had locked away, why hasn't anyone given 2K the big FU and posted this secret info since SupMatto got shut down?

CP_Company62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

dumahim, "inside gaming" is just bottom feeder, T2 shoes lickers.

people said from discord, that there was a summary of all news, all leaked information which came also guess from who? Inside gaming and other sources(twitch, twitter, mostly reddit, he listed all the sources all the time) it was just a summary. no one is presenting any evidence because there is no evidence and wrong doing. it was confirmed by many supmatto discord members that he never sold or implied to get money from that. it is the same as Inside Gaming leaked info, they have subscribers, they have ads and other money generating sources, so are they Selling Leaks?

in the end, 2K stroke his 110 video, even those which had Zero leaks or other relevant info to Borderlands 3. they stroke his Borderlands 2 videos, live shows and ordinary chats with community, they just done it to shut him up as fast as possible and exploited and broke real laws buy doing it. but of course, they going to get away with that.

neutralgamer199262d ago

that's what i am saying and even attorney's have chipped in saying take two had no case with any real evidence. Take-two flexed it's muscles and most big news outlets will take their side not some youtubers but what's ironic is most of these gaming outlets were using his information breakdown about borderlands 3 on their sites

he was a super fan of borderlands and take two should have approached him asking him to stop and he would have just like this person was leaking take two upcoming games/games in development on twitter they asked him and he stopped(he BTW said bully 2, RDR remaster etc, are happening)

bottom line is gamers are selfish they only care about the games and don't give a damn if someone looses their source of income. That is exactly why publishers don't give a damn about us. they know gamers are not united and so they get away with MT and loot boxes

Killswitch and others who are defending take two are most likely company employees

AllMightyFox62d ago

it's just plain pathetic we live in an age where people who tell us about messed up stuff are punished while the real criminals run free …

Snowden, Manning, Assange, all told us how rich people lied to us all and yet who gets the prison sentence ???

This Youtuber tells us what's up with Take-Two and they remove his channel (is he proven guilty in court yet ?)

didn't think so …. #BoycottTake-Two , #BoycottBorderlands , #Truthisn'tacrime

AllMightyFox62d ago

P.S. Fanboys need not defend this crime, you can't …. it's wrong morally and ethically, your defense will only prove you have neither, and blind fandom is gross not cool #Truth

neutralgamer199262d ago

Do you guys work for take two because it sure sounds like it

yomfweeee62d ago

Google doesn't use the courts to determine what videos they will remove... you understand that right?

Plus you're assuming Google took it down and he didn't take it down himself to cover himself or his source.

dumahim62d ago

It was taken down because 2K claimed almost all of his remaining videos. 1 week passes and it's gone.

yomfweeee62d ago

@dumahim Okay, what does that have to do with this guy talking about him being found guilty in court. Google doesn't need the courts to take videos down.

CP_Company62d ago

yomfweeee, but it is illegal what 2k did. they exploited the system in their own benefit - to shut him up. those videos actually had nothing to do with this case or other accusations.

dumahim62d ago

Do I really need to directly quote the part of two whole lines I was referring to? Here. Let me simplify, quote what the part I was replying to and provide more clarification.

"Plus you're assuming Google took it down and he didn't take it down himself to cover himself or his source."
"It was taken down because 2K claimed almost all of his remaining videos. 1 week passes and it's gone."
"This account has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted."

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