Online World Atlas: NeoPets -- Pt. 3, Conclusion

WorldsinMotion: "This week we're covering a virtual world (of sorts) that you may consider surprising that we've never covered before-NeoPets. A highly successful tween-orientated browser-based experience that's existed for nearly a decade(!) the game has a huge following that is almost unparalleled in the market, so it's absolutely time we gave it an in-depth look as part of our Online World Atlas.

I think after reading my last entry in this Online World Atlas you might think that I hate Neopets, and that isn't exactly true. The most striking thing for any user of Neopets is that it is, at least initially, very complex to get to grips with for a online space aimed at children. Each screen is full of a mass of information and images, much of which is redundant or advertising (which isn't always obvious)."

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