Is The Next Splinter Cell Title Coming To Phones?

Is Sam Fisher doomed to become a mobile game character?

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BlackIceJoe1508d ago

If Ubisoft does this I'll be very angry, because no one wants to see Sam Fisher as a mobile game. Yet knowing Ubisoft they will do just this and it will be nothing but microtransactions extravaganza.

DillyDilly1507d ago

We all know its gonna be Samantha Fisher man

criticalkare1508d ago

Another you guys not have phones incoming

autobotdan1507d ago

No please no. Need a console game. Need a new 4K splintercell with HDR

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Orchard257d ago

It's rough to see Ubisoft complaining about games not being successful etc, while they sit churning out the same games over and over again and leave obvious money sitting on the table by doing franchises like Splinter Cell wrong.

bunt-custardly256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

Whilst I loved the SC multiplayer, I still think they were kind of niche due to the complexity of the maps and learning curve. I wished they made better practice bots though for solo play. Co-op is pretty decent though but not enough players and a very intimate experience. You couldn't really play with randoms who ignore the stealth, so had to play with friends.