Purchase Car Upgrades with Real Life Cash in Need for Speed Undercover

A new trailer for the much anticipated Need for Speed Undercover reveals the option to purchase car upgrades using Microsoft Points instead of in game cash.

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PoSTedUP5737d ago

"purchase car upgrades using Microsoft Points instead of in game cash."

thanks but id rather use in game cash XD.

Rock Bottom5736d ago

What's really annoying is that they're advertising this as if it's a good thing.

f7897905736d ago

Doesn't that ruin the game?

Super-Brad5736d ago

Pay to complete a game, i thought i would never see it :|



Hehe i buyed swim suits in Dead or Alive Extreme 2 for real money biggest mistake ever! Becuse i figured out i could just trade them to the other girls :P

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donator5736d ago

What's next? Having to negotiate with EA customer service to get a good deal on new cars?

CloudsEnd5736d ago

Quote from the Daily Newspapers after release of Need For Speed Undercover:

Timmy Incognito (21 Years Old)
"And then.. he touched me there... *cries*
But i wanted that Motor-Engine so bad!!"

pete27115736d ago


How can they get away with this!?!?!?!?

VMAN_015736d ago

Lol good one bubbles for you!