Super Mario Sunshine Will Inevitably Get A Switch Remake

Despite being the most unique entry in the Mario franchise, Super Mario Sunshine has been neglected by Nintendo so far.

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Yi-Long64d ago

I'd rather see a Mario Galaxy 1& 2 double-pack, with updated controls to suit the pro-controller, instead of motion-controls.

Gaming4Life198164d ago

Yea I always wanted to play super mario galaxy 1&2 but I just couldn't do the Wii motion controls.

LoveSpuds64d ago

I hate motion controls but persevered with them for Mario Galaxy 1&2 and now am I glad I did. The games are absolutely superb and to be honest, the controls were pretty good once you got used to them.

I'd be so excited if they did announce a remake though.

ZeekQuattro64d ago

Sunshine is a mediocre 3D Mario game to me. The only good thing in it was the music
Other than that the whole game just felt off.

Sono42164d ago

I respectfully disagree. It is literally the second best 3D Mario i've ever played, only second to Mario Odyssey. But I think the entire Gamecube line up needs to get remakes/remasters, so many of those games are spiking in price because that's STILL the only way you can play them, Kirby Air ride, Paper Mario TTYD, Pokemon Colosseum/XD, Mario Strikers, Mario Kart Double Dash, and Smash Bros Melee. All of these are great games worthy of remakes, Melee more or less because it still has a competitive scene, and just giving the game a graphical overhaul couldn't hurt.

Now Nintendo hasn't completely forgotten the Gamecube era, as they have re released Twilight Princess, Windwaker, all 3 Metroid Primes, and even Pikmin, but I do think the rest of those games are more than good enough for remasters/remakes, for the simple fact that it shouldn't be so hard for someone new to pick up and play them, instead of having to go out and buy either a Gamecube, or an original Wii (Later models can't play GC games) and THEN buy the price hiked game.. it's kind of ridiculous, or at the very least sell these games digitally on the eshop.

Blu3_Berry64d ago

That is what people said with the WiiU, yet it never came to be.

jjb198164d ago

Sunshine will get this remake on the switch because the owner base is bigger and better than the Wii U. This is gonna happen but I really can't wait for a Majora's Mask HD release on it. I've been holding off on buying the 3DS version. It's the only game that I've played through four times and ready to do a fifth like it's Vodka.

bouzebbal64d ago

Remake port machine.. So dumb

King_Noctis64d ago

How about those games that aren’t ports or remake that are currently on the system or are coming soon?

EddieNX 64d ago

The irony of the last two words of your comment.

bouzebbal64d ago

Didn't expect less from you.. Any pc can run Sunshine in HD on Dolphin. Not buying a console to play ports.

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The story is too old to be commented.