Every Sony Console, Ranked

Sony has created some memorable home and portable consoles with its line of PlayStations, and here is a ranking of every console the company has made.

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Apocalypse Shadow67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Number one(PS1)
Number one(PS2)
Number two(PSP)
Number two(PS3)
Number two(PS Vita)
Number one(Vita TV was the only ONE)
Number one(PS4)

Oh...against each other

Group number one. Lol. J/K

roadkillers66d ago

Hmm, I'd place it...

1. PS2
2. PS3
3. PS1
4. PS4

There are so many games that did not make it to PS4... A new GTA for one. While the PS4 was cool, Uncharted 4 was great... it did not have as many big exclusives as previous generations. PS3 was a fun time. PS2 dominate the industry. PS1 was a great time too.

umair_s5166d ago

1 ps3
2 ps4
3 ps2
4 ps1
5 Vita
6 psp

kabala66d ago

1 PS1
2 PS3
3 PS4
4 PS 2

Babadook766d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I feel no need to rank them. Each system won their respective gens and each of the gens were equally great imo.

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PhoenixUp66d ago

“PS3’s features may not compare to the PS4’s in retrospect, but that’s normal given the amount of time that’s passed.“

Of course PS3’s features compare. PS3 for example was a far superior media player than PS4

bluebenjamin66d ago

Ps3 was a far superior Playstation than Ps4 period

ButtAnihilator66d ago

I completely disagree. It performed terribly on multiplatform games, it was terribly expensive, it looked awful, and it's exclusives were mostly casual cutscene simulator trash except for Demon Souls.

deno66d ago

Absolutely right. PS3 released with blu-ray tech, wifi, full media options, HD console. This was the first HD Era for video game consoles, that's huge.

DerekFlint00766d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I agree wholeheartedly about the PS3's media capabilities. I remember perusing various, cough, slutter, ahem, 'gentleman's websites.' Using triangle, right click, scroll down and save target to my hard drive. I nearly ended up going as blind as a bat, but on the upside I developed wrists like Popeye!

The PS3 was brilliant for downloading full feature films for free using the web browser, watching Blu ray, background images, pictures, mp3 songs and photos. It was an absolutely superb media powerhouse which was ahead of it's time in my opinion.

My biggest gripe with the PS4 is the lack of an inbuilt 4k player & the inability to purchase 4k Movie/Tv content on the PSn store.

bluebenjamin66d ago

Lmao 😂 love the comedy but yeah Ps3 was an awesome device even the built quality that shiny gloss finish nice looking console and @mr_writer if those are your complaints you proved our point we can create a bigger list of what the current gen consoles cant do that the othe others could plus Ps3 was above mid gen PC when it released while both x1 and ps4 below mid grade PC

Mr_Writer8566d ago


The PS3's gaming features were rubbish.

No party chat
Slower downloads
Slow in game XMB
No suspen and resume
Very few background downloads

bluebenjamin66d ago

Remember when we could make our own themes on ps3 the dynamic themes were so much better than what we have with ps4, Ps4 was just a 1080p upgrade from our upscaled 1080p we were playing beforehand. Ps3 is older so you would expect ps4 to keep the old features but add even more icing on the cake but instead they removed a lot of icing off the cake but because its a fresh baked cake we blindly eat it not noticing ingredients have been tampered with but its still a nice tasting cake but remember the cherries 🍒 we want our dam cherries and icing

Mr_Writer8566d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Sorry mate but themes had zero impact on my gaming.

Sure I agree, the customization of the XMB was better and awesome.

But my PS3 and PS4 where used for gaming, and when it comes to making gaming easier, connected and quicker the PS4 beats PS3 to a pulp.

If you want to compare the media side again I'd agree PS3 was better.

But people (myself included) said that a console should be judged on its games when the Xbox came out with TV TV TV.

So whilst PS3 had stronger media features. I put gaming first, and that list is stuff the Xbox 360 mostly did as well.

The PS4 has features that enhance gaming that are superior to PS3 and that is a fact.

deno66d ago

I agree. There's so much I can do on my ps3 then I can do on my ps4 pro regarding media.

Good-Smurf66d ago

It had a SACD disc support a disc format from the future,launch PS3 is still the cheapest SACD player you can get,the cheapest player nowadays is still way over $300.
I wouldn't be surprised many Japanese still bidding over one of these models today just for SACD capabilities.

bluebenjamin66d ago

I forgot it had super audio and DLNA

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DarXyde66d ago

PSP ahead of PS4? Vita ahead of PS1?

Yeah, ok.

SilverDemon66d ago

Vita can play ps1 games
That might be the reason. Idk

DarXyde66d ago

I mean... maybe? But if that's the case, it's inconsistent because then Vita should be higher ranked than PSP.

Mr_Writer8566d ago


It plays a fraction of PSOne games.

SilverDemon66d ago

Vita cant play all psp games since most of them arent on psn. But alot (but sadly not all) of ps1 games are on psn

Idk. I guess thats the only explanation i can think of

Cmv3866d ago (Edited 66d ago )


Edit: I love all of them. These rankings I had to be nitpicky lol

ButtAnihilator66d ago

Mofo, the ps5 isn't even out yet, what are you even on about?

Cmv3866d ago

I hate how simple minded gamers can't even infer correctly. Sad state of affairs for the youth worldwide.

ButtAnihilator66d ago

@Cmv38 Um, what did I infer incorrectly? What are you talking about, my man?

Silly gameAr66d ago

PS2 will always be my numero uno, followed by PS3,

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