Impressions: Quick Draw Beta (iPhone/iPod Touch)

Loot Ninja writes:

"Swipe Interactive recently had a beta sign up for their new game Quick Draw and I was able to pounce on the opportunity in time and snag a copy. Before we get into this, I would like to remind everyone that this is a beta copy. Only 100 people are participating in the program, so play is somewhat limited. The beta version of Quick Draw only has four categories of about 40 words, but the finished version will have many more than that to keep things interesting.

Quick Draw is a Pictionary-style multiplayer drawing game that uses the iPhone/iPod Touch's wireless internet capabilities beautifully. There has been a lack of games in the App Store that use the wireless capabilities of the iPhone/iPod Touch for anything other than scores and leaderboards. If you are in the market for a multiplayer game, this is shaping up to be a good one."

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drunkpandas4050d ago

Game sounds awesome. Will be well worth it to play online over EDGE, 3G, or WiFi

dubbalubagis4050d ago

The game is pretty polished already, I would assume the release date is coming up soon along with some pricing.

Odie4050d ago

Sounds fun but I'll wait for pricing.

dubbalubagis4049d ago

Officially, they have no official pricing at this time. They are still trying to figure that out before release.