Nintendo Is Letting The Great GameCube Catalog Of Games Gather Dust

A look at what Nintendo could be planning with GameCube remasters, since it clearly doesn't want a virtual console on Switch.

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Travis370836d ago

So many amazing games are stuck on the GameCube such as Starfox adventures, Pokemon XD game of Darkness, Legend of Zelda 4 Swords, Maro Sunshine, Smash Bros, 007 nightfire, and so on. If anyone needs to do BC it's Nintendo. I wish they we're more like MS on that approach. It's why I'll emulate the games if I can because big N doesn't want to sell them to me.

Tross36d ago

Agreed. I need to start doing that. I like to support content legally where possible, but if a company genuinely doesn't want my money that's on them. Switch could have had an awesome VC by now. They have a whole catalog of both console and handheld titles under their belt, and they often secure third party titles, including games from non-Nintendo systems. Wii U would probably be the exception for obvious reasons, but imagine a system where someone could legitimately play through the entire Legend of Zelda series. How awesome would that be? This is why I'm not super thrilled with Nintendo right now.

Of course Gamecube titles via VC should be a thing. A lot of people would buy them. I guess Nintendo just hates money.

zacfoldor36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Give me Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance!

Xaevi36d ago

Still waiting for the Switch release of WW & TP HD. They are taking forever

DazaMc36d ago

The double click of the L&R buttons is impossible to replicate on another controller.

Tross36d ago

If only official Gamecube controllers for the Switch were a thing...oh wait.

AK9136d ago

You dare to question the almighty Nintendo? BLASPHEMY!!!! /s

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