THQ Nordic's Lineup Is Seriously Impressive

SwitchedOn Gamer writes: THQ Nordic's financial report gives updates to Saints Row, TimeSplitters and Dead Island 2. I couldn't think of a better announcement to wake up to!

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toxic-inferno1745d ago

I'm very excited about Timesplitters. But I don't know how they'll make it work for current generation of gamers. The series relied heavily on highly exaggerated arcade-shooter-action. I'm not sure that's going to hold up in today's market.

Still, I cant wait to see what they have to show.

neutralgamer19921745d ago

They need to release a HD remaster of all the time splitters collection

And I want them to release kingdom of amular via remaster since they own the IP now

toxic-inferno1745d ago

A HD remaster would definitely satisfy nostalgia... but I'm not sure that's enough. A remake would be better, but even that might not cut it. Remakes like Crash and Spyro have only been successful because as well as nostalgia, they have genuine appeal to new, younger fans. Not sure Timesplitters would have the same...

SilverDemon1745d ago

A remake just like they did for that SpongeBob game and destroy all humans

Im sure they are already working on it

SkatterBrain1745d ago

Spongebob is a for sure buy for me, but i just played destroy all humans PS2 port on ps4 and it wasnt as great to me as pandemics other games , Mercenaries, Star Wars Battlefront 2, The Sabotuer

spicelicka1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

I think highly exaggerated arcade-shooter-action has an audience. There's no statistic saying current gen gamers gravitate towards realistic shooters only, every game has to find its audience. How arcadey is Fortnite? How arcadey is Overwatch? These games sprung up during call of duty realistic military games popularity.

It's not going to be the next Fortnite, but with an existing small fanbase and good advertising it can find its niche. After all there are many games out there that no one asked for yet they still released, some even successfully.

toxic-inferno1745d ago

Both Overwatch and Fortnute managed to jump on a particular twist on the shooter genre at exactly the right moment. They each had innovations that - while they were not necessarily the first game to use those innovations - came at precisely the right time to catapult the game into the heights of popularity.

Timesplitters - as we know it - is (and I say this as a big fan of the series) considered rather simple by today's standards.

SilverDemon1745d ago

Why does it need to appeal for them? If you went after CoD fans you wont get anything because they already have code

Rainbow six siege was successful BECAUSE they didn't go after the "current gen gamers" but it created new experience

There are alot of gamers who left the first person genre because modern shooters stopped offering those unique styles. Im one of them and I want timespiltter to be unique just like rainbow six siege, just like doom and more others to come (hopefully)

thatguyhayat1745d ago

I hope they just reboot saints row.

neutralgamer19921745d ago

Yes and make It more like original 2 which had fun and serious tones. After the 2nd game series went sideways

Summons751745d ago

2 was the perfect balance of taking itself seriously and not seriously at the same time. It's a GTA spoof so it can't be too serious but it definitely shouldn't go back down the road that 3 and after was.

NeoGamer2321745d ago

I love their IPs, but to be honest their games haven't been AAA. They have been more B to AA. They need to get more expertise in maximizing hardware in their games. The gameplay has been relatively fine. But, they need to pick up the graphical quality and quality of the games in general.

Rambokind1745d ago

Oh how I wish they'd acquire the IP for Dead Space from loathsome EA.

AllAroundDistraction1745d ago

Saints Row 5 should NOT take itself serious and at the same time keep within a few realistic guidelines... Aliens, yes, super powers, alright... going to other worlds... nah... either way, im lookong forward to it.

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Ironically number 9 can save them at this point (releasing games on multiple platforms)

ChasterMies17h ago

By “save them” you mean make more profit for Microsoft. Xbox will still be a dying hardware platform.