Lazy Gaming – 5 Games That Used Political Themes

This episode of Lazy Gaming looks at the whole "politics in games" issue in the only manner Player 2 knows how with incredibly snarky sarcasm. Join P2 as they go through 5 games that feature political themes yet somehow avoided the "keep your politics out of my games" crowd.

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IamTylerDurden1801d ago (Edited 801d ago )

I'm not going to watch the episode, but ME2 and Spec Ops The Line were two of my favorite games last gen in part because of the in-game politics. Politics in games, when handled correctly, can be a beautiful thing. They can give the game more meaning like in Spec Ops The Line. Without the politics/message Spec Ops would've been a very average military shooter. However, Yager took a chance to show the horrors of war and the impact it can have. Imo it's among the most underrated games last gen and i will always respect Yager for what they did.

PAJJAMAS801d ago

Conveniently enough both are prominently in the video