No Man's Sky Beyond VR Gameplay - Valve Index

CG writes: Here is a look at the opening moments of No Man’s Sky Beyond VR gameplay using the Valve Index. The performance seems to have issues at present but the game is still very playable. Hopefully Hello Games tweaks some settings and offers fixes to improve things. Still, this is a great VR game so far and worth checking out.

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IamTylerDurden1613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

It's supposedly incredible in VR. I look forward to trying on PSVR shortly. I have to applaud sean Murray for another huge, FREE, update. I wonder if all the usual suspects still think he is a crook? Septic? Krib? Where are u boys? NMS and Sean Murray were a certain group's punching bag for a long time. I wonder why these guys no longer crusade against this IP? Maybe exclusivity had something to do with it?? I guess we'll never know..

THC CELL613d ago

If u have a pro it's very bad I mean blur

ApocalypseShadow613d ago

It's...interesting. Cool for what it is in VR.

But truth be known it's blurry as hell. It is what it is.

isarai613d ago

As the biggest NMS fan you'd find on this site, let me say playing in PSVR is a big letdown. Mechanically it's great, but the resolution is so low it blurs any sense of depth past a few feet from you, completely ruining any sense of awe it might hold. Only place it really holds up is in flight, especially in space, coasting on the surface of a planets rings looking at the giant planet out the side of your cockpit is cool AF. But as someone who was waiting on a VR mode for this game for years, i'll likely never try it again on PSVR

AshleeEmerson613d ago

I love it for what it is; yes it's blurry as hell but my gosh is it fun!!

ApocalypseShadow613d ago

My eyes hurt and when I stopped playing and looked in the mirror, they were just as red as getting dust in my eyes. Can't play it the way it looks. I'll check out the flat side instead unless there's a change.

For VR players, he should remove things that move in the background. If it was just flat colors and textures, maybe it would improve it somewhat. Too much going on I think is detrimental to better visuals.

AshleeEmerson612d ago

After the 2. 05 update, I no longer have ice cream but I do agree that they need to optimize the process.