Xbox ‘is aware’ it owns classic IP like Perfect Dark

Xbox Studios boss, Matt Booty has explained how the platform holder considers classic franchise revivals.

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BlackIceJoe407d ago

Hopefully someone will come forward to work with Microsoft to make a new Freelancer.

SamPao407d ago

you are better off with star citizen than a new freelancer from ms ^^

bouzebbal407d ago

They own the IP but they have no idea what to do with it.. That's the problem

The Wood407d ago

Crimson skies . . . . . Not too many games like it on console. . .

407d ago
BlackIceJoe406d ago

I'd love to see a new Crimson Skies. I even think a new Blood Wake would be great too. Microsoft has great IPs, but for whatever reason isn't using them. Hopefully that will change, soon.

darthv72406d ago

Blood Wake is good, so is Crimson Skies but I'd also add in a new Quantum Redshift.

jreeves82407d ago

How about a new Conker game?

Juusterey407d ago

conker nut's and bolts
it can be a stealth based card game

jaymacx407d ago

perfect dark could be a great ip to use if they make it more about stealth. Also the story needs to be well written.

spicelicka406d ago

Perfect Dark zero had such great ideas, i really wish they built another game off those ideas. The secondary abilities on weapons gave it some good tactical diversity, and multiplayer was actually fun. It just needed a bunch of improvements but it had a really good foundation.

Juusterey407d ago

could you either give them to someone more talented?
or please not butcher another Rare IP

AngelicIceDiamond407d ago

Everyone is seems to be stuck in the past. Do you want MS to create something new or be stuck in the past? I'm telling you bringing back old games won't sell the new console. Re-imagining these games won't be AAA products they'll be AA games and MS doesn't need all those AA games they need fresh AAA. The only thing I can see getting the AAA treatment is perfect dark as a 3rd person action like Tomb Raider or Uncharted. The rest will be fan service which is great if your console is already established as a AAA pumping machine while releasing past old games is just cherry on the cake. But Imma need MS to make new games, new games that ppl can fall in love with just like their old games.

monkey602407d ago

There's plenty of room for both. Resident Evil 2 was one of the best games this year, Medievil remake is getting plenty of buzz, Spyro trilogy, Crash Trilogy and Crash team racing, All have done incredibly well and are great games.

However I get your point and somewhat agree with you, because Microsoft are faltering on both sides. I think most would just accept new content in any form at this stage though

MasterCornholio406d ago

I love remakes if they are done well and I don't have an issue with smaller studios making them. As I stated before it's possible to do both and when that happens it means even more games for us to play and that's not a bad thing.

MasterCornholio406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

Nothing wrong with making remakes of classics. Look what Sony and Capcom have done with games like Medieval and Resident Evil 2. I don't believe fans would be annoyed at a Conker or Banjo remake.

As for creating new IPs there's no reason why they can't do that as well. Many publishers like Sony have done that many times in the past and still supported their old IPs at the same time. There's no reason why Microsoft can't do the same.

In conclusion, Microsoft has so much cash that they can afford to support old IPs as well as create new ones. Frankly with the studios they they've bought and the huge portfolio of IPs that they have if they are not developing new IPs or remaking old ones it's because they simply are not interested in doing so.

But my prediction is that they will develop new IPs and support old ones in the future. But the real question is if they can match the standards held by the competition. Only time will tell.

Godmars290406d ago

Think much of it has to do with MS and much of the industry forgetting how to make games. The FPS craze that took off and dominated with online combined with market research, the need to eliminate risk, killed creativity.

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