Worldwide Hardware Estimates for the Week Ending August 3

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console worldwide with 182,967 consoles sold for the week ending August 3, according to VGChartz estimates.

The PlayStation 4 was the second best-selling console with sales of 173,169 consoles sold, followed by the Xbox One with 39,699 units, the 3DS with 17,354 units, and the PlayStation Vita with just 106 units.

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kohox6d ago

PS4 and Switch having a healthy rivalry xbox is pretty much dead though it's not even selling a quarter of the other two.

Every time we see one of these charts it becomes more and more obvious why xbox is hedging it's bets on services and trying to get buddy buddy with the other two... so it can put it's services on them.

trunkswd5d ago

The lack of exclusives, at least compared to the PS4 and Switch, certainly hasn't helped sales of the Xbox One. Maybe all the studios they have acquired will mean more exclusives next generation.

Bathyj5d ago

Virtually dropping First party support three generations in a row after it became apparent they couldn't win is the biggest issue of trust for me with Microsoft.

When you buy a console you are investing in its future and the payoff is a healthy library. Why should I invest in a company that picks up it's bat and ball and goes home when it cant win?

neutralgamer19925d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Something Xbox fans don't get is if players can play Xbox exclusives elsewhere why would they buy a Xbox console

Nintendo and Sony have survived due to the amount of impact IP's they own. Towards the end of Xbox 360 ms didn't produce much and many said they want to be ready for next Gen and now we are again talking about next Gen

You have to give gamers a reason to buy your machine and I for one don't think the days of not having a physical console are coming to an end anytime soon

Right now it seems ms out of the 3 are the B grade AA game publisher not AAA. Their AAA are almost all the same IP's

An IP like halo should be huge but now it just doesn't have the same impact it did with halo 3 and same goes for gears and forza

Last year they couldn't stop themselves from sharing sales data and how they were taking cheap shots at Sony and now they want to release hours played stats but sale numbers don't fit into what they are trying to say or do

You best believe if next Xbox does better and is neck and neck with Ps5 that ms will release sales data once more but I doubt if Xbox can have the same impact as Ps5 in t next Nintendo console

People give credit to Spencer and Blame Don but Phil was pretty high up the letter at launch of Xbox one and had major say. And since taking over what has he achieved?

Xbox brand is at its weakest right now. The impact they made with Xbox 360 is long gone and soon forgotten

He cancelled games
Closed studios
Lued about power of the D cloud 🌥

He has basically used this whole Gen to say wait and see what we do next Gen and I hope they give their new studios creative freedom to make must have games

They have few amazing RPG studios and they need up fund proper polished AAA games

Difference between Sony and ms at the moment

Days gone launches and sells so well despite average reviews

Crackdown launches and crickets after average reviews

The Wood5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

. . .but what about what Phil said though. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .lol

Worst thing is vg probably overestimated the xbox numbers. . .it's not impossible plus I've never trusted them irrespective of who it states are on top. For me personally, I'll just hedge my bets until I actually see fruition. . They've lost their 'faith' credit with many gamers. Now they have to pay up front with proof not speak and gesture like they've been guilty of from last gen

MasterCornholio5d ago

Dang the Xbox One is doing terrible.

Smokehouse5d ago

No exclusives. I’m surprised it’s doing that decent honestly lol. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Microsoft game pass on PlayStation 5. That seems to be their new approach and if so the traditional console sales aren’t an accurate way to look at it.

An exclusive-less console is dumb imo but game pass is brilliant. They have made a killing and it’s worth every penny. I haven’t bought an Xbox game since. They are doing a new console for fun at this point. It’s an official Microsoft pc with a custom OS, that’s it.

rob-GP5d ago

If anything it would be XCloud, not GamePass - people always get those confused for some reason. Sony wouldn't allow a MS service which contains a bunch of games people can buy full price on PSN or 'rent' from MS for the same game. I don't think XCloud will come to any PS either, but it's more that over GP.

Elda5d ago

Consoles thrive because of having consistent exclusives that folks are fond of playing.The console not having those exclusives consistently will usually fall in last place becoming the unpopular console. Actions speaks louder than words.

MasterCornholio5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Being in third place wouldn't be worrying if it wasn't so far behind the competition.

Microsoft needs to fix this situation with Scarlett.

Elda5d ago

MS needs to make a slew of original interesting jaw dropping AAA exclusives to play on the Scarlett to compete with the Playstation & Nintendo next gen first & foremost.

TheHateTheyGive5d ago

time for the good ol xbox one to price drop to at least 199.99

Zeegamereh5d ago

All the negativity lol Jesus Xbox one already has its fans sold almost 50 million with 60 million active monthly users the gen is pretty much over both PS4 and xb1 numbers use to be way higher

I’ll never understand how console owners can hate on another console it’s so strange and immature and I’ve seen it on all sides

SpaceRanger5d ago

Nobody is hating? Just stating facts the same way you were.

Next gen will be more of the same with libraries transferring over. Why would someone switch consoles when all their games are on their current console? Unless buys a game online from a publisher lets you play on any console, this breakdown of hardware sales will stay the same.

King_Noctis5d ago

"I’ll never understand how console owners can hate on another console it’s so strange and immature and I’ve seen it on all sides"

I do agree. This kind of behaviour need to stop, although on this site I'm not expecting much.

kohox5d ago

I guarantee xbox is way closer to 40 million than 50 million.

King_Noctis5d ago

Xbox One Total Sales: 42,822,673

That number was from June this year.

kohox5d ago


So that's exactly like I said.

BTW, you know that number is over tracked by 10-20% too right? Ya know all year vgchartz said xbox was only down 20% when Microsoft revealed it was actually down 50%

I would put money on Microsoft not even having crossed 40 million.

rob-GP5d ago

As the other guy said, it's more like 40-45m. Also, it's not 60m monthly Xbox One users, it's around 60m Live accounts being used - that includes Minecraft on PC and Switch, the Win 10 store games, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. That's quite low when you look at it that way. It's a shame, MS were doing okay last gen.

Zeegamereh3d ago

You’re right it’s not 60 million it’s 64 million lol try to down play all you want Xbox one sold around 50 million so there should be at least 30 to 40 million active Xbox one users then the rest on other platforms

rob-GP3d ago

Not trying to downplay anything, just looking at it realistically - why do you think they've stopped reporting on things such as 'paying' live subscribers and now only state 'active users' - which are both free and paid accounts...

The 50m you think Xbox has sold is being very generous, it's most likely less than 45 as they've been selling less than 100k a week, even less than 50k in some weeks as well. Also, I doubt there are 30-40m Xbox One live users simply because the number of active users includes PC and Minecraft on Switch and mobile. I imagine the number of live gamers each month is a lot lower than you'd expect - that's why it's a shame as they've really messed up this generation.

Zeegamereh16h ago

Xbox is sitting at 43 million on VGChartz and VGChartz is known for under tracking both ps and Xbox do some research

You think Minecraft on switch and mobile is generating more users then Xbox live on console 😂 delusional that game isn’t even popular anymore like it once was barely makes top 12 on Xbox one

U and your numbers are full of bs Your kind is so lame you’re a fanboy get lost stop downplaying consoles you don’t own

rob-GP15h ago

@Zeegamereh - what are you on about? did I say Minecraft on mobile and switch will be more active users than the console? I don't think I did...

Basically, the 'live active users' number that MS declares includes all users which have logged into Xbox Live that month/quarter - INCLUDING Windows 10 Store gamers, Minecraft on Mobile and Switch, Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamers. So, the '60m active users' isn't that much of a great number to try and be happy about as it should really be a lot higher than that.

Also, VGChartz are known to inflate numbers which are estimates, not deflate. So, it'll usually be a bit less than the numbers they report unless they've taken the figures from factual information. Sony and Nintendo amounts are updated when the official statements come out - Xbox they work out based on the last figures known and the amount sold each month via NPD and other various worldwide metrics.

So yeah, the 43m estimate for Xbox is most likely higher than reality and even IF that figure was correct, that would be before counting the number of units sold to second-hand shops/eBay, units not being used, collectors units bought to sit on a shelf, Xbox one X replacements etc... The active number of users actually playing the consoles will be a lot less than you think. If anyone's being a fanboy around here, it's you with your delusional view on things, Sales and numbers mean nothing to consumers but it's still very silly seeing a pro-Xbox person try to justify their purchase.

Zeegamereh5h ago

Ur still full of bs VGChartz is known for under tracking I know this for a fact because they had a few ps and Xbox games at a curtain number when the developers confirmed the actual numbers for the games

Like Halo 5 they had it at 4 million for 3 years when 343 confirmed the game sold over 5 million in 3 months

“Replacements and sitting on shelves” same could be said about any other console lol fact is you’re a curtain console fanboy that tries to downplay other consoles

I’m no fanboy I have not once talk trash or try to spin other consoles success nice try 😂

65 million isn’t impressive you say LOL are you serious right now ? Are you reading what you’re typing ? Microsoft is brining in over a billion thanks to game pass and Xbox live users you’re beyond clueless

Do you actually think 65 million players come from windows 10 and mind craft lmao have you tried windows 10? There’s no one on there stop being a fan boy windows 10, Minecraft Mobil, switch literally make about 10 million out of the 65

There’s no way you’re over 18 with this fanboy mindset you have get lost kid

rob-GP5h ago

@Zeegamereh - "There’s no way you’re over 18" - you're the one calling me a "curtain fanboy", which, I imagine, is a fan of a certain type of curtain? Maybe lace drapes or those flowery net curtains, but not blinds?

Seriously though, I'm having some difficulty thinking how to respond to you, you're clearly either not English, a very young and immature brat, or maybe not all there mentally - as such, I don't want to offend any of the above which you don't fall into, so I'll just address you as you come across - an ignorant child who refuses to have a sensible and factual debate with anyone speaking in native English.

With that said, I'll explain it once again, the number of 'active users' include the Windows 10 store (which also includes GamePass on PC) which I imagine is easily 1-2m people based on it launching recently and offering one-dollar deals so people can play games like Crackdown and Sea of thieves and check them out for themselves. Also, Minecraft is one of the best selling games on the Switch, a game which requires you to log into an Xbox Live account, just like on mobile, so you'd imagine that's about 20+ million people there if MS is to be believed with how popular they make out Minecraft as still being.

Finally, there's both Xbox One and 360 users, as there could still be people on the 360 for all we know, as well as multiple users per console if a family share a unit - as MS counts in users and not boxes. So, do you see how 60m 'users' isn't a lot when you're including around four starting destinations... Also, I never once said other means are more than Xbox One owners, I said there are alternative channels and not just the single console where that figure is being pulled from.

Regarding the comment about the 40m Xbox units not including those not in use and sold, yeh - I've said in other posts with people more intelligent than you that it also includes the Switch and PS4, I was just making a point about the exaggerated sales numbers you came up with for the Xbox because we were talking about the Xbox... That's not too hard to follow, right?!

Looking at your previous comments, it's clear you're one of those Xbox fanatics who tries to hide it by not stating the obvious. However, constantly defending them, making delusional posts about the Xbox having better games, calling everyone who factually disagrees with you a 'fanboy', and overall just here to stir trouble, you're really not worth wasting my time on. So, have fun being a closet fanboy, I'm done with you :)

Zeegamereh1h ago

I’m not reading all of that 😂 you’re delusional and cancer to the gaming community you and the rest of the fanboys

I’m no fan boy I never put Sony’s PlayStation down or Nintendo I had all PlayStations up until PS4 al Nintendo’s stopped at wii the only fan boy here is you you’ll only see me defend Xbox PlayStation and Nintendo from delusional fanboys like you

You people are a strange breed indeed protect a company and stand for one console lmfaooooo how weird hence why I said you’re not older than 18 immature asf

Keep on making up fake stats no one believes you

Anyways you got destroyed by my replies peace out 😂

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