David Cage Want's to 'Work on Different Platforms and Reach Players All Around the World'

David Cage, Founder and CEO of Quantic Dream, in a recent interview with DualShockers, spoke on the subject of their recent off-brand move on publishing their past last three PlayStation exclusive games on the Epic Games Store.

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kohox7d ago

Ok, well good luck. You were special when you were doing PlayStation exclusives now your just another 3'rd party developer in a sea of 3'rd party developers.

Silly gameAr7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

How long you been saving up that clever line for?

Though I don't totally agree with the comment from kohox (wanted to set the tone for the thread I'm guessing) it is kind of true. His games were pretty crapped on when they were exclusive. I can't wait to see if that opinion changes

Kumakai6d ago

Good games are good games and good developers make those good games. It’s not being limited to one platform that makes it good. Fanboyism at its finest.

neutralgamer19926d ago

No just no

No matter how great a developer is if they work with a bad publisher guess what their games will suffer quality wise

Console makers are willing to spend more and eat cost to show the power of their machines and to have the games be exclusives

Dylanslegos6d ago

They made 2 great games before even going to PlayStation. I'm sure they will continue to thrive at it.

bujasem_896d ago

His first game was on the PC to be fair, indigo something.

TeamIcoFan6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Actually his first game was Omikron : The Nomad Soul, which starred David Bowie.
It was only released on PC and Dreamcast.

AK916d ago

I'm okay with this as long as he sticks to console and PC's I don't want any mobile or streaming games from the studio.

Dylanslegos6d ago

Well, as the article states, one of his games is already on mobile devices.

IRetrouk6d ago

Enjoyed most of his games so far, as long as I can still play them it's all good.

Pyrofire956d ago

I like narrative games. It's neat doing all the little motions with motion controls I think. But it'd be nice if David Cage took a step back from writing.

bujasem_896d ago

Having played most of his games aside from Detroit and until dawn, I gotta say even if the guy has the right idea. He doesn't really know how to push it, it just comes off superficial and barely scratches the surface, honestly some work should also be done on his translated dialogue, foreign languages are just embarrassing in his games. Aside from that, I liked his games from the new perspective he rectified from 3do times. I'd be more enthusiastic if some one from CDPR or Bethesda wrote his games.

neutralgamer19926d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I think your games found a home on playstation and you will be back. Just ask insomniac how it worked out when they thought Ea and ms were better to work with than Sony

Xbox isn't ur fanbase
Nintendo isn't ur fanbase

Playstation and pc because both accept and offers diversity in games

You went to ms and got rejected and before coming to playstation your games were okay at best

Every other publisher wanted a tech demo from Kojima while Sony gave him resources and that's the difference. Kojima himself confirmed that

Dylanslegos6d ago

To be fair, Sunset Overdrive is a pretty good game.

neutralgamer19926d ago

My point exactly and how did it sell?

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