TimeSplitters co-creator will plan the future of the series at THQ Nordiq

The Timesplitters series will start fresh with a familiar face. Series co-creator Steve Ellis has joined THQ to plan the franchise's future.

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BlackIceJoe7d ago

It is about time THQ Nordic brings back Timesplitters. I'd like to see a remake of the classic versions and that would be a way to wet yourself before the next game in the series comes out.

We need more couch co-op games and Timesplitters was one of the best at that. So bring it on.

AK917d ago

Can we get a Remaster collection please THQ Nordic?

blacktiger6d ago

This is one of the first kind of geeky cartoony 3d FPS
Fortnite meet overwatch!

I love this game,

Relientk776d ago

Yes! It's time for the return of TimeSplitters