EA Access on PS4 - Is It Worth Spending Your Money On?

EA Access has always been exclusive to the PC and as well as Microsoft’s Xbox One. While it isn’t on Nintendo’s hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch, EA Access has a couple of cool benefits that subscribers can take advantage of.

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lxeasy7d ago

personally I wouldn't. Considering the fact that the EA Access on Xbox has a lot more games.

jesujohn7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

lol...this info is for PS4 gamers who don't own other platforms and you want to shove your Xbox agenda

lxeasy7d ago

nah dude just stating facts, EA access should have the same amount of games playable for both consoles since they both cost the same amount of money. Don't be so naive

Nitrowolf27d ago

Only he’s not wrong. The point he’s making is that it’s the same price as it is on other platforms for less games, meaning PS4 gamers are getting the short end of the stick.

Though it’s understandable why it doesn’t have as many titles due to backwards comp

Brave_Losers_Unite7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Read the title. You don't have a PS4

lxeasy7d ago

the only console I don't own is the switch

Brave_Losers_Unite7d ago


Yeah and I also own the PS5

bluefox7557d ago

I personally wouldn't either, but because EA is trash.

Ciporta19807d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Doesnt ea access on pc have more games than on xbox? Pretty sure it does so using your logic xbox owners shouldn't bother either.

lxeasy7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

your right, thats why i don't bother with it either. personally i have Xbox GamePass Ultimate which has more games than ea access on xbox and Pc. thats a subscription worth getting. regardless, the question is asking is it worth spending your money for ea access on ps4 and like I said the answer is no, since it offers the fewest games out of Xbox and PC

Ciporta19807d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Well again using your logic gamepass isnt worth it either as it has what around 200 games? Whereas ps now has 600+. No need to get defensive I'm just stating facts using your logic.

lxeasy7d ago

i'm not defensive, I was agreeing with you lol where is this coming from. also you cant get ps now on pc or xbox so that other point you just made is flawed. you cant get ps now on xbox but you can get gamepass thats why i bought that up.

Cosmicpangolin7d ago

As someone who has owned all of Sony’s consoles. PS Now is borderline unusable.

xX-oldboy-Xx7d ago

Who wants to own an xbox in 2019? There's one born every minute I guess.

Ciporta19807d ago

You can get ps now on pc though so your wrong.

lxeasy7d ago

Yeah but everyone knows gamepass is better though including you

Ciporta19807d ago

I dont like any game subs. I've tried gamepass twice each time for £1 and didnt bother with any thing. I don't think I like the fact I dont own anything and dont like the time limit on playing a game so I end up playing nothing. Just had viveport free for 2 months and didnt use that either.

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Abnor_Mal7d ago

Any game in PS4 EA Access most likely I already own. Plus there's not a lot of EA games that I play or played, so for MEEEE it's not worth the price. Hopefully others see value in the subscription.

scoot_n_loot7d ago

imo it's worth using for game trials if you're on the fence about something. Those 10 hour demos are nice. Might have purchased Anthem were it not for the trial.

TheColbertinator7d ago

EA Access itself is barebones already. They should add Premier because its benefits on Origin are much more flexible.

akaFullMetal7d ago

Probably not unless you like yearly sports games. Having less games compared to the xbox version does make the offering on Sony side feel second fiddle and would expect either a cheaper price or something to make up for it.


It's especially not worth it if you like yearly sports games because they won't have the latest one. No one wants to play Madden 15,16,17,18 when Madden19 or 20 (not sure which one it's on) is out. Only Origin Access premium on PC gets new games, EA access is just a way for them to get some money from games that don't sell much anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.