New Blair Witch Trailer Shows off Stunning 4K Visuals

Bloober Team released a new trailer for Blair Witch that shows off the game's impressive visuals in 4K. You can check out the trailer here and on YouTube.

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Vasto7d ago

This looks good.

Blair Witch in August, Gears 5 in September and Outer Worlds in October all on Game Pass Day 1.

demonic367d ago

No it doesn't look good at all!, where is the gameplay? honestly that trailer would make you buy the game without any type of hint as to what the gameplay will be like?!

Fist4achin7d ago

Agreed. That trailer didn't show anything. Some potential, but zero game play. I need more than that...

No Way6d ago

You mean like Death Stranding a few months ago?

Vokun7d ago

GamePass is truly amazing.

killswitch807d ago

right you can play another crap game...Outer Worlds will be the first game to launch on Game Pass that will be goood game.

NarutoFox7d ago

Can't wait to play Blair Witch on gamepass on PC and Outer Worlds on PS4!

killswitch807d ago

Walking Simulator and you can take pictures..sounds so exciting.