Nvidia releases Stunning RTX trailer for indie shooter Bright Memory

Ray-traced reflections add a lot more the game than you'd think

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PrinceOfAnger1770d ago

impressive improvements, really beautiful :D!

BenRC011770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I'll tell you what Ray tracing means, 30fps next gen.

Its gonna be the new "native 4k". Seen as more important than framerate or game design and the new tag line for pathetic fan boys.


Microsoft's Xbox gaming handheld will fail unless someone else makes it

Despite Microsoft's experience in hardware manufacturing, I don't trust it not to fumble its first gaming handheld device which may eventually lead to a successor not getting released.

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LG_Fox_Brazil7h ago

Unless it has some fature that really makes it standout I don't think someone who wants a handheld will pick it when the Switch 2 is just around the corner and the Steam Deck offers a huge library with much better prices worldwide

Jingsing42m ago

Doesn't make much sense to have a handheld that is locked down to the Xbox ecosystem when the PC handheld can run everything. I'm sure the same people that bought the Xbox fridge will give Microsoft their free money though.


Top Games You Should Get During During Spike Chunsoft’s Mid-Year Deal

Angelus Victor said: Publisher Spike Chunsoft, Inc. has just announced that from June 19 to July 3, 2024, they will be holding a Mid-Year Deals Sale on the PlayStation Store. Some of their hit games can be obtained with huge discounts, so we’ve lined up five games you should definitely get in this limited-time sale.

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The Epic Games Store Has Two More Freebies Waiting for You

The Epic Games Store continues to throw free games at us, and this week there are two more.

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