Need for Speed Heat Release Date Set for Nov. 8, Deluxe Edition Detailed

Just now, EA has unleashed the Need for Speed Heat reveal trailer, and in it, we now have confirmation of the Need for Speed Heat release date has been confirmed for November 8, for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Gameplay will be shown at Gamescom!

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lxeasy6d ago

lmaol why you gotta go in like that lmaol

LucasRuinedChildhood6d ago

"REP Boost
REP rewards increased by 5%

BANK Boost
BANK rewards increased by 5%"

Not a great sign but at least there doesn't seem to be any loot boxes. Slow clap.

SierraGuy5d ago

Slap a game together in a few months and ship this trash full of mts.

This should be a good one.

Sherif1296d ago

I have my eye on this. EA community manager has confirmed there are no microtransactions, or lootboxes in this already. Only paid content are car packs post launch, as well as an option to pay for viewing the collectables on the map.

Movefasta19936d ago

My main issues with the past need for speed titles after shift is that the gameplay is trash, the break to drift mechanic takes 0 skill and ruins the gameplay for me.


Paid car packs post launch is a joke. Same with forza

FlameWater6d ago

the switch wouldn't even be able to boot the loading screen

RedDevils5d ago

You mean the micro-transaction?

annoyedgamer6d ago

Lol. Lok gaiz its totally underground! Totally!

FlameWater6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Prostreet Undergound looks pretty sweet , I guess it's too much to ask for an interior view.

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