Want to leave WoW for Conan or Warhammer? Good luck

Despite his rather stoic delivery during an Activision Blizzard conference call earlier today, Blizzard's Mike Morhaime undoubtedly took some thrill reciting the following statistics relating to players trying to leave World of Warcraft for the competition: Of the players who cited Funcom's Age of Conan as their reason for leaving WoW, a whopping 68% returned to Azeroth; of the players who cited Warhammer: Age of Reckoning as the impetus behind their departure, a less overwhelming (but similarly impressive) 46% of players ultimately leapt right back into Blizzard's no-doubt strategically receptive embrace.

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dktxx24054d ago

Blizzard got 11 million people by the balls, that amazing.

tocrazed4you4054d ago

It be really funny if Blizzard gets sued for purposely making the game addictive and ruining peoples lives. Just like mc donalds got sued by making their food addictive and getting people fat hahaha.

FantasyStar4054d ago

If stupid people can breed, they can sue. It's a fact.

Tomdc4054d ago

WoW is PC gaming lol! It generates over 1 billion dollars of turnover a year now!!!

Itrguy0014054d ago

yeah well 2bad for Mc Donolds they never got me fat when i was 4-12yrs old i kept eating there and they NEVER EVER got me fat they where like WTF kid? u keep coming here everyday and ur still not Fckin fat??!!!! and then I got sick of mc donolds and moved on to some subway then to Burger King although i still get Subway whenever they have good deals or are promoting stuff cause $5 is pricey for 1 sub

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FantasyStar4054d ago

That's an overstatement. The article was very vague on why players chose to come back to WoW other than your typical PR "one-liner" about why Product A is so great.

dericb114054d ago

The biggest reason for people going back is friends. Some people don't play the game for months and keep paying just cause there friends. The user base is high but active players are not nearly as much. With new expansion the user base will most likely peak again.

JeepGamer4054d ago

Age of Conan and Warhammer Online are both crap compared to WoW, which is not to say WoW is good but it's a far cry better than everything that's come out after it.

Age of Conan screwed up by having absolutely nothing in terms of interesting content after the first area. You went from a town where you did relevant quest after relevant quest and felt like you were a part of something... To absolute mind numbing repetitiveness of bug hunts and fetch quests.

Go out, kill this, come back, go out, kill this, come back, go out, kill this, come back... Ect ect... Oh, now drag yourself across half the world to deliver something for little reward.

Warhammer Online just boots you right in to the crap that made Age of Conan uninteresting at level 20+... Right from level 1. By the time you've done a few quests and seen a public quest or two, you've seen everything the game has to offer and be prepared to do the exact same things at level 15 that you were doing at level 5... And level 25.

Here's hoping there's something else coming down the pipes that will offer people a quality MMO gaming experience without the mountains of garbage that make up playing WoW.

LoveWaffles4054d ago

Wow does the same thing as other. Go kill xx amount of bats and come back etc etc. I feel the only reason people come back to WoW is that they invested so much time and effort into the game.

Would you give up on something that you invested 100+ hours on one character and the countless amount of dollars you used to finance the game. That in my opinion is what keeps people bringing back.

thats why when they make WoW2 it won't be as successful if they don't have a system to transfer over your character(s) people will pass on it and play the old one.

Cheeseknight284054d ago

The difference is, once you hit the level cap, there will always been intense raids for you to do in WoW. In Warhammer and Conan, there are minimal PvE dungeons for you to explore. I can't say anything about their PvP (Haven't played either, but I'm fairly well informed on the PvE aspects) but you really need both worlds to succeed. And that is how WoW has kept going.

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