No Man's Sky Beyond Update Is Out, Download Size and Details

No Man's Sky Beyond update is out now. The game has been patched to version 2.03 on PS4 with this new update. The patch will also launch for PC and Xbox One.

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Father__Merrin7d ago

has the
VR got gamepad support? the touch controls on the uculus are rubbish for strandard core games id prefer control pad anyday

VenomUK7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Hurrah! Since the first reveal Sean Murray has been teasing the possibility that No Man's Sky will be playable in VR, now a few years later it is! I've got my PSVR headset ready to go for when I'm done with work.

@Farther_Merrin Yes, you can play with regular controllers.

philm877d ago

I believe so. Read something saying the only VR controller it doesn't have is the PSVR's Aim controller. Can use the gamepad on PS4 so see no reason why it wouldn't be supported on PC.

boing16d ago

Oh man, I was hoping for aim support. You get the best of both worlds. Flying a ship would probably be weird though.

Chicago85067d ago

I've read that u'll be able to use standard controller in VR.
Regular walking or Warp 👍🏾.

Psychotica6d ago

Nope, no gamepad support in VR. Go to the Steam forums and you can see all kinds of complaints about it.

Phoenix766d ago (Edited 6d ago )

On PSVR you can swap between both move controllers and dualshock I've found whilst playing 😁

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Welshy7d ago

It might just be something's wrong with my save, but I get a blue screen crash on PS4 every time i try to load my previous save with 40+ hours on it :(

Guess I'm starting from scratch for Beyond.

Angelin7d ago

I cannot wait to do it in about 3-4 hours when I’m home. I’m thinking of starting from scratch because from the patch notes this looks like a totally new game anyway.

frostypants6d ago

Yeah prior big updates kinda messed up my games...I always have to start fresh.

Chicago85067d ago

Almost done with download, excited to see it in VR!

Game on.

JackBNimble6d ago

I've been waiting for months for this , I can't believe it's actually here . Now I just got get through another 8 hour shift , it's going to be a long day.

frostypants6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Welp, time to re-install and play again for the 4th time or so.

Every time they do one of these it's like a whole new game. Also, this might suddenly be the best VR game on the market...interested to see how that plays.

After10Ben6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

It's going to be a beautiful, bright summer day, but I'm going to spend the majority of it exploring the galaxy in glorious VR! Eh, call me a nerd, but this update is going to make my summer :)

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The story is too old to be commented.