Quantic Dream very pleased with Heavy Rain's PC sales, Sony gave the green light for the PC releases

Quantic Dream's David Cage has revealed that the team is very pleased with Heavy Rain’s current PC sales figures.

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traumadisaster6d ago

I bought both of the releases, those were unique games and I always wondered how they would look in high resolution.

ButtAnihilator6d ago

Exclusivity: bad for the consumer, bad for the developer. It's pretty impressive that so many people defend this annoying practice.

Ausbo6d ago

Well it’s not super common anymore. With remedy and quantic dream going multiplat, there will be less and less “second party” exclusives.

However, sometimes devs need the cash flow to even build the game in the first place so they need a partner like the cup head devs

rainslacker5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Cage found a lot of success on Sony platforms. The amount of marketing and support he got he probably wouldn't have gotten going it alone, and it's questionable if a 3rd party publisher would have invested so much into getting the game discovered. Consider Insomniac, and how EA marketed their game with them, or the rather lackluster marketing MS put into SSoD. Good games don't always just sell themselves. Most of the time, good games are overlooked without marketing, and that's what publishers can provide.

In some cases, a game being exclusive can have it's perks, as exclusives get more attention due to console war in fighting.

Nothing about Cage's time with Sony seems to have been bad for him, and for the consumers on PS, there was no reason it was bad for them. They had several successful games, and managed to make a name for themselves due to the quality of work.

ajax176d ago

Hopefully more of Sony's games will release on PC