Dead Island 2 is Still in Development, Production Shifted Internally

The development of Dead Island 2 continues, with a shift to internal production according to the publisher THQ Nordic during their earnings call.

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Pedantic917d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I wonder if they'll keep the humor and the less serious tone the trailer from 2014 showed.

We already have Dying Light 2 for that more gritty serious zombie experience with a bigger focus story. And since there is no new Dead Rising on the horizon, Dead Island 2 should really aim for the more fun side in killing zombies.

AK917d ago

I agree Dying Light is a far better version of Dead Island I'm not sure why they are still bothering with this IP.

gangsta_red7d ago

Almost reaching Duke Nuke'em Forever levels of development hell.

Rambokind7d ago

Why don't they just call it Duke Nukem Island and get it over with?

Blu3_Berry7d ago

Man, it will be a miracle if this game came out good. This game has disaster written all over it. I wonder why they're struggling with development for this game. It doesn't look too ambitious or anything.

Sgt_Slaughter7d ago

This game now is on its THIRD developer since 2014.

Any hope for this game releasing anytime soon or being a good game has gone out the window.

If they haven't scrapped the game or moved it over to PS5/Scorpio they're making a mistake.

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