THQ Nordic Acquires Milestone, Gunfire Games And Goodbye Kansas Game Invest

THQ Nordic just went on a acquisition spree, snapping up racing game developer Milestone, Darksiders developer Gunfire Games and Goodbye Kansas Game Invest.

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gangsta_red711d ago

People talk about how MS went on a spree but these guys were way ahead of the pack when picking up devs.

RainOfTerror711d ago

right? they been on a buying spree for a while now .. hope they are not going to get ahead of themselves though

XiNatsuDragnel711d ago

Nice, trying to make a diverse lineup

LiViNgLeGaCY711d ago

These guys are going to take over!! Lol.

Smokehouse711d ago

Where are they getting all of this money lol. Have they made any games yet?

RainOfTerror711d ago

They have made/released a ton of games over the past few years, and their parent company also owns Koch Media/Deep Silver.

Sgt_Slaughter710d ago (Edited 710d ago )

Google THQ Nordic games, they've published a TON and as of May 2019 they have "over 80 games in development"

Smokehouse710d ago

I knew they had a ton in development but I didn’t think they released anything besides the destroy all humans ports (which I bought) lol.

Drasill711d ago

I just picture the owner of THQ Nordic to be some 25 year old whose rich dad keeps giving him money.