New Saints Row Is In Development

During its latest earnings call, publisher THQ Nordic confirmed that a new Saints Row game is in development at series developer Volition.

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367d ago
DarXyde366d ago

GTA V is a pretty tough act to follow, but it does give THQ a chance to capitalize on its weaknesses.

I'm not a fan of Saint's Row, but I imagine a sequel would motivate Rockstar to do something else (provided a Saint's Row sequel is good, of course).

badz149366d ago


don't say it like that. you might jinx it to be another EGS exclusive

PhoenixUp367d ago

RIP Agents of Mayhem and good riddance

micdagoat19367d ago

was it that bad? I never got to play it

LordJamar367d ago

Please take the series back to its roots and be like saints row 2

Poopmist367d ago

But 3 was the best in the series

sprinterboy367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

In your opinion.
You say that like its fact pmsl.

KyRo367d ago

3 was the beginning of its down fall. They completely lost the plot after that. Tuned into something that was not saints row at all.

micdagoat19367d ago

I liked One and Two better than any GTA

porkChop367d ago

3 had the best gameplay, but the story got way out of control. They need to reboot and go back to the roots.

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phatak367d ago

2 was definitely the best man, sure there are some more epic missions in 3 but the story was so tight in 2, 3 had a really crappy story I infact just beat it yesterday once again. saints row 2 was so good that id say it was even better than gta4, imo of course

Profchaos367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

I personally liked sr1 more than sr2 I felt like the performance issues and poor frame rates really hampered my enjoyment of the game when the first title looks and plays better than the 2nd it's a problem.
Also the story wasnt as interesting sr1 left you on a big cliffhanger but sr2 seems to have forgotten that and starts telling an irrelevant story.

I actually thought that Sr 3 and 4 were barely Sr games but they were still a huge amount of fun I actually enjoyed 4 the most even if it was a super hero style game

As for the comparison to GTA well the two are worlds apart in tone style and gameplay with GTA IV taking a realistic approach and pushing what was possible graphically at the time but sticking to a serious narrative Sr was still a charicature of San Andreas

King_Noctis367d ago

A mixture of 2 and 3 would be nice. Just try not to go over the top crazy like in 4.

Enigma_2099367d ago

Saint's Row didn't care how silly it was, and that worked to it's benefit. But just imagine a new Saints' Row... on the Switch. Saints' Row wherever you go.... Shakedown Hawaii can only scratch that itch so much...

ocelot07367d ago

Didn't they just recently release a Saints Row game on the Switch and it was a bit of a disappointment?

micdagoat19367d ago

because it was 3. I would buy 1 and 2 right now

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The story is too old to be commented.