Should The New Resident Evil Be a Sequel or a Remake?

Resident Evil 8 or Resident Evil 3 Remake, let's debate.

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NecrumOddBoy7d ago

RE8, First Person with VR then RE3 Remade.

hawkeye987d ago

no FPS bullshit, over the shoulder camera please. After all Resident Evil created the fricking over the shoulder genre. Cough cough.

xxShadow-Shockxx7d ago

i would like a sequel in the style of re2 remake, but i would also love re3 remake, resident evil 7 was a good horror game but imo still was missing the resident evil identity

neutralgamer19927d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Resident evil 3 and 4 complete remakes. By doing the remakes they can fix any issues in the past and this way they are kind of rebooting the franchise without doing a reboot

gangsta_red7d ago

I would like to see them do remakes. RE 2 remake was fantastic.

Summons757d ago

Sequel definitely. 7 was so great and it gives them time to make RE3R just as great as RE2R

monkey6027d ago

The engine is made and the foundations are set because it's a remake. There really shouldn't be a lot of time needed to get it right.

CorndogBurglar6d ago

Lets not get it twisted. The foundations are set because they would be using a lot of what was used in RE2 Remake. Not because RE3 would be a Remake. Remember, they built RE2R from the ground up. Its not like they used anything from the original game.

Your point still stands though. An RE3 Remake should not take as long to make as RE2R did.

darklaw7d ago

How about starting over from scratch, A whole new story? Or have specific resident evil games like RE "Claire" or RE "Leon" ,RE "Wesker"

Profchaos7d ago

Looks like we will see a rotating release schedule re 8 then Re3 then re9 then maybe code Veronica just a wild guess

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The story is too old to be commented.