Should console exclusives still be a thing on the PlayStation 5 and next Xbox?

GR: “Despite the industry steadily moving towards its inevitable digital-only future, console exclusives are still a huge selling point for manufacturers. Big games like God of War 4, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Halo 5: Guardians have each been used to convince players to pick up a new console, and it’s imaginable that we’ll be seeing plenty more in the next console generation.

But should these exclusives continue to be so prevalent? Do we really need games that only launch on one console in the future, or should we be championing a multiplatform utopia?”

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hulk_bash1987609d ago

Without question, quality exclusives drive hardware sales. I dont forsee them going away, for Sony and Nintendo at least. Microsoft is going the complete opposite direction with Xbox anywhere and Gamepass and that's fine.

Gaming101609d ago

As long as Intellectual Property rights still exist, there will be exclusives. There will never be a world without them. As long as, for example, Nintendo owns the IP for Mario and Zelda, they'd be complete fools to just hand that over to another Publisher, removing any competitive advantage they had.

rdgneoz3609d ago

Hey, if you can't beat them, change how you measure things...

But overall, exclusives drive hardware sales. If everything was sold on every system, people would buy whatever their friends were playing on (not counting cross play) or if they wanted the best frame rate or resolution, they'd buy a PC.

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bluefox755608d ago

@Sophisticated It's not about being a shareholder, it's about the best games available being exclusives. I don't think that's a coincidence.

b163o1608d ago

I'm a Sony guy, and I would say M$ is heading in the right direction, it's just now seeing if they allow there new studio's time to create. With new IP's that are successful, it's there sequel's that really push the meaning of
console exclusives. So if they do push out some good exclusives, it would only be common sense that, it wouldn't be until next-next Gen before M$ and join the Console Exclusive debate...

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harmny609d ago

Exclusives are anti consumer. Why can't I play any game I want on my console of choice. Or PC? Wouldn't that be the best option? At least that's what they tell me when I defend the EGS

badz149609d ago

LOL you really want to bring EGS into this?

JackBNimble609d ago

Do you understand why people are saying that about EGS ?

M_Prime609d ago

Exclusives aren't only good IPs but are also usually the most optimized games. They are meant to be played on a very particular set of hardware and with a certain control method. When you have a very limited scope of hardware you can optimize everything very well and make the best game possible. If you are trying to put it on various platforms you need to make generalizations to make it work. As you know everything comes down to $$ MONEY $$ so developers usually end up developing for the lowest common denominator, causing the game to not be everything it can be. I mean look at God of War 4, if that came to Switch it would be a different game. Multiplats that come t o Switch are usually the worst version unless its a PS3/360 game, many time I heard reviewers say "if you only have a Switch then go ahead but if you have any other means to play this game, do it there"

zackeroniii609d ago

Yes exclusives should be a thing and secondly, get a Playstation if you want to play great exclusives so badly.

harmny609d ago (Edited 609d ago )

oh now i get it. sorry. thanks guys.

playstation paying developers for exclusivity. good
epic paying developers for exclusivity. anti consumer

btw i own a playstation. love it. just very underpowered compared to my pc.

OB1Biker609d ago (Edited 609d ago )

In addition to MPrime arguments, no exclusives will eventually kill off consoles.

Christopher609d ago (Edited 609d ago )

@harmny, what have you done. tsk tsk tsk.

You know the right answer is that a) no platform holder should ever control a development studio for the purpose of creating games to entice more people to utilize their platform and b) every developer should be made to put their games on every platform out there to ensure there is no anti-consumer element to their game and not make deals for exclusivity that benefits them without denying people on a platform access to their game.

OB1Biker609d ago

I think Christ was trying to be sarcastic.
He also aluded to the fact the many exclusives would simp!y not exist otherwise because the main reason for Sony (for instance) to have studios and finance their games is to sell their platform.

bluefox755608d ago (Edited 608d ago )

I prioritize high quality games over more choices for people that happen to buy the worst of the consoles this year. And sure, my PS4 is also very underpowered compared to my PC, yet amazingly enough, PS4 exclusives look better than anything on PC, I'm not convinced this would be the case if they were multiplats. Furthermore, I don't mind the Epic exclusivity deals, more competition for Steam is a good thing for consumers.

Christopher608d ago

***I think Christ was trying to be sarcastic. ***

I was, but not in the way you are thinking.

Lots of these discussions are weird to read as people flip flop on concepts of what's fair and what's good for the consumer based on the company behind those decisions.

The Wood608d ago

Dude. . Sony and Nintendo are trying to sell consoles. They help sell consoles by having usp's. It's really not rocket science

OB1Biker607d ago (Edited 607d ago )

Yea, most of the time theres a lot of virtue signalling and hypocrisy bs
It's simple for me. Im happy when great games are ps exclusives. Im not happy when games I like are exclusive to other platform (but that doesn't happen very often.).

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zodiac909609d ago

All I want to know is, WHO are the people who "Disagree" with your post!?

nowitzki2004609d ago

Console exclusives are the ONLY reason I still own consoles.. I hope they stick around forever, we need consoles in gaming.

bishup25609d ago

I don't see why others should not be able to enjoy the same game i'm enjoying. regardless of where they came from and how much they make.

Nitrox608d ago

Because that’s how the world works. There will always be haves and have-nots.

No amount of advocacy will ever change that fact.

BlackTar187608d ago

then you don't understand the business at all.

3-4-5608d ago

That is like asking if your money should still be exclusive to your bank account.

Why do all the dumbest people want to write articles?

Twignberries608d ago

8 xbox fans disagree... 🤣

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isarai609d ago (Edited 609d ago )

When people speak about making every game for every system, I.E. even first party being multiplatform. I feel like im taking crazy pills for noticing first party games are a cut above the rest due to knowledge of ones own hardware, and ability to really take advantage of every aspect of their console given they are only making it for a single platform. Quality would not be even close if they had to make it multiplatform. Yet they talk as if there's no way it'll be any different and you cant convince them otherwise.

Yes, they need to still be a thing, in fact i feel like they should be MORE of a thing than they were this gen especially for MS

harmny609d ago

So you like the epic game store

isarai609d ago

I have no opinions on the epic games store, dont get the big deal with just having anither launcher for games, though admittedly i don't game on PC all that much (despite having a $950 tower i built) but in general i dislike companies simply paying for some already developed game to be exclusive no matter the platform, but i do agree with them having fortnite exclusively on their store cause they literally made it. Same as valve games in steam. What i dont like about the epic games store is there flimsy security, lack of features can be forgiven since it's still in its infancy, but no excuse for having such crappy security

Silly gameAr609d ago (Edited 609d ago )

Do you work for Epic? Jeez, that store is all you talk about. If Epic bought their own companies that made games, other than Epic themselves, and maybe have a 3rd party exclusive every now and then, I doubt there would be a problem. But as it is, Epic are buying exclusive rights to games already made, to keep them off of the competition's store. There is no comparison to be made here.

harmny609d ago (Edited 609d ago )

i dont. do the n4g community work for playstation? because thats all they talk about

ShadowWolf712609d ago

Why are you comparing PlayStation's first-party output to the EGS?

Pyroxfaglover609d ago

I love epic games store,..Got like 20 a,amazing games for free already,.. almost ps plus xblx live type of things,.. and it is completely free,..

FinalFantasyFanatic609d ago


Clearly you weren't here last gen then.

Silly gameAr608d ago (Edited 608d ago )


Well, see here's the thing. This is an article that's partly about playstaion. No mention of EGS in the article. You're the one that bought up EGS out of thin air. You seem to always find a way to bring up Epic Game Store in articles that have nothing to do with Epic Game Store. So, you can see why I would ask if you're an employee, because then it would make sense as to why you keep bringing the shit up.

FGHFGHFGH608d ago (Edited 608d ago )

Do you understand the difference between first party and third party? Many of these first party games would not even exist if they weren't being made for playstation or nintendo or whoever. It's not the same as paying a game that was originally going to be multiplatform to block content from others. It really isn't hard to understand and I think some people are just being wilfully ignorant

Godmars290608d ago

Epic's a 3rd party dev that's made a purchase download site for PC. They aren't a console maker that's suppose to provide an easy-access game platform for the general market. They're not restricted or limited to a general market platform that wont/can't be modified or upgraded for years to a decade at a time and have to make the most of those limitations.

If anything, as they work/toy with bleed-edge graphic cards and processors whose cost aren't within the range of the general market, they're complaining about the limitations of platforms with general market access.

kneon608d ago

Who cares where you buy your game from, it will still play on your pc

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Godmars290608d ago

All I hear are Xbox fans wanting to remove exclusive agency so that "their" brand wont suck as much as it does.

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NeoGamer232609d ago

Should there be? Absolutely not. Keeping console gamers from playing games on another console serves absolutely no purpose to help the wholistic gaming community.

Will there be? Yes, console vendors will continue to monet hat publishers to bring games only to their console.

If there were no exclusives I could spend about $800 more per generation on games. Because I would only need to buy one console to play every game. Today people buy multiple consoles to make sure they can play every good game. In a world without exclusives that would not be required.

NarutoFox609d ago (Edited 609d ago )

There's a certain group on here that would definitely agree with your comment. Fortunately exclusives are here to stay

Tech5609d ago (Edited 609d ago )

"Should console exclusives still be a thing"

@ NecrumOddBoy - "Yes"

Microsoft - really? ok. lets buy out Ninja theory. Double fine, and some more companies.

@ NecrumOddBoy - "I want to play these games on my console!"

Microsoft - not gonna happen...

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isarai609d ago (Edited 609d ago )

Exclusives do serve a purpose, let me break it down for you. Like every service or platform they have to give you incentive to use their platform as opposed to others, I.E. compete for you as a consumer. This is a good thing because without competition no one raises the bar so standards plummet as does quality.

Then there's the tech aspect. After all no one knows the hardware better the the company that made it, and they usually carry a library of bespoke assets (shaders, renderers, pipelines, etc) made to take full advantage of the hardware closer to the metal than any 3rd party could ever hope to get. Couple that with the fact that the game only has to work on that single platform and nothing gets lost in abstraction giving it an even higher edge. You think Switch games would look nearly as nice on their native console if they also had to be developed for every other system? No they wouldnt

You should learn a bit more about game development and basic buisness before sounding so sure about yourself.

NeoGamer232609d ago

I agree with competition.

But, competition of a console should be based on the merits of the device, its operating system/firmware, and network. Not, because of which games you can play on it.

The tech aspect is a pretty poor argument now-a-days. The consoles are essentially PCs and they pretty much use the same hardware. At least PS and XB do. They all use standard development and design tools for their games so nothing is fully optimized anyhow.

I no a lot more about game development and basic business then 3/4 of the people on this site. I have dabbled in making my own games a s a hobby and have run successful businesses for over 20 years.

isarai609d ago

None of that can possibly be true, these aren't opinions they're facts. Simply having quality basics doesn't bring good business. Something to set you appart from the competition does, something you cant get from the competition, something EXCLUSIVE to you. Without that you'd struggle, and i've experienced that first hand as a manager for a mom & pop shop for 5yrs, so there's no way you ran a successful business believing that.

And yeah while consoles are certainly closer to PCs than they used to be, they are still riddled with proprietary setups, hardware tweeks, drivers, and operating systems that make them even still, a far cry from any PC you'd find in the market. Dont think so? Then by all means show me a PC with a mobile GPU and 8gb if ram running something looking as good as any PS4 major exclusive.

Atom666609d ago (Edited 609d ago )

I get what you're trying to say, but I'm having trouble fully agreeing.

Imagine what the BotW team could do on a high end PC or PS4/X1. You're putting a lot of emphasis on the hardware, but I think the actual argument is that 1st Party teams are some of the best supported and most talented teams, period. The hardware really isn't special - but the devs and internal support they receive are.

There are also plenty of 3rd party teams and games that can absolutely compete with 1st Party studios. Look at what Rockstar delivered with RDR2 for example.

BlackTar187608d ago (Edited 608d ago )

I don't see why the games on the console isn't part of your merit list.


You name Rockstar but they are the outlier who gets unlimited budget and time. That is just not a reality for the other 99.5% of third-party multiplat devs and thus shouldn't be used to back our opinion imo.

Atom666608d ago

What third party games can be used? There's high quality stuff across the globe coming from talented 3rd parties. I look at From, Platinum, CDPR, and even some of the big guys are delivering like Ubisoft.

I think Nintendo has some top tier teams. Sony probably has 3-4 of the best teams around. Even MS has a couple really strong teams. But I don't think it's fair to insinuate that All 1st party is close to the top tier.

Would you argue Lift or the 1-2 Switch teams are better than a CDPR or From? Access to the SDKs and inhouse resources is great, but it's not the biggest factor imo. It certainly doesn't guarantee success or quality.

If ND, Santa Monica, or Turn 10 went independent tomorrow, I'd still expect them to deliver high quality work.

I think 1st Party exclusives aren't going anywhere, I just think more credit should be given to the quality and talent of the teams themselves.



So GAME Consoles shouldn't use games to compete?? So these companies that spend millions of dollars to make a game to help sell their console should just put them on a direct competitor's platform? Stop and think how foolish that sounds.
Here's a link for you

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Nitrox608d ago

“In a world where everyone is special... No one is. “

FOMO is real, but people need to accept that they’re always going to miss out on something. Getting rid of exclusivity just so some people don’t have to pay the opportunity cost would kill a lot of the incentive for first party studios to compete.

The Wood608d ago (Edited 608d ago )

Poor you. . . .

Make sure when you're buying your lg TV you complain it doesn't have Sony features or when you buy your Audi complain about not having Mercedes features or better yet go into burger king and demand a big mac. You're just entitled and/or understand very little about business and why brands are brands. These aren't charities my friend. They use usp's to distinguish themselves from the 'competition' in order to drive sales of their product. I have to ask your age or what grade you're smoking.

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scoot_n_loot609d ago

There will always be console exclusives as long as their are small teams that can only afford certification on so many platforms. Not to mention first party games.