Devil May Cry 5 Co-Op PC Mod Allows Up To 3 Players to Play Together

Devil May Cry 5 has a limited version of co-op missions. While Capcom is reluctant to expand it into its mode, fans have taken this into their own hands to release one.

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gangsta_red7d ago

This would be bad ass if they made this official and that was the announcement

AK917d ago

Dante, Nero and Vergil playable at the same time would be rad.

Magic_Spatula7d ago

Right? Capcom should add in a full co-op mode that scales difficulty when a player joins ala Monster Hunter World. That would require a lot of rework but would be cool if they did it.

SamPao7d ago

maybe that is the rumored announcement

Concertoine7d ago

If you turn on the online features theres parts of the game that feature coop. I think mission 13 or so even has all 3 characters at once.

Magic_Spatula6d ago

Yep. In certain missions you can co-op but it's with random people. There's a mod on the PC version that allows full 3 people co-op with friends on certain missions. The mod author is looking into adding more mission to the mod.