The Hachiko: Fallout 3 Review

The Hachiko writes: "It's hard to call Fallout 3 just an RPG. Players still roam around, grab quests, and level up after they've gained enough experience, but it's so much more about the experience and downtime rather than the linear goal that drives you forward. You see, Fallout 3 isn't just an RPG, but rather a life simulator of what it must be like if the world actually did suffer an apocalypse. I've too often found myself slowly shuffling towards a nearby city, my bag packed with so many items I can't run anymore, and a crippled leg holding me back. It's not an easy way of life outside the Vault, having to survive fights with mutants and scrounging all the items I can. I walk towards the salvation of a walled city and must remind myself it's just a game, because if I don't the bleakness starts to eat away at me and I feel the sense of hopelessness that surely plagues the citizens of this new world. It's hard not to be moved by the game. Throughout it all, however, it's still a phenomenal achievement as both an excellent game and benchmark in the history of gaming."

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