Canceled Batman Arkham Knight Sequel Concept Art and Details Leaked

Batman Arkham fans have been waiting for a new game in the series for a long time and now concept art has been discovered of a canceled Batman Arkham game.

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Spurg523d ago (Edited 523d ago )

We need a rocksteady game now. But I have a suspicious feeling about the next game. Warner Bros have been handling their games horribly with excess grind in mortal combat and shadow of war's microtransactions. I''m seeing the next game by Rocksteady having some sort of MS implemented in it.

jeromeface522d ago

they've had post launch dlc all along, perhaps you weren't paying attention.

521d ago
Gamehard522d ago

Oh they're definitely going to have alot of microtransactions one way or another. They've already pushed the dlc pretty hard in Arkham Knight with the costumes and car skins.

Max_Eckhardt522d ago (Edited 522d ago )

Its a fortnight-looking “games as a service” microstransaction filled Suicide Squad multiplayer game.

isarai523d ago

I just cant get excited for another arkham game unless they have WB Montreal handle the bossfights and put it in an actually civilian populated Gotham. If it doesn't have those two i'd rather Rocksteady just make something else entirely.

bloop522d ago

I'm with you on that. The Arkham games were amazing, but if they were to make a new Batman I'd love the open world to be more along the lines of Spider-Man with civilians and random crimes happening outside of the main story.

Kabaneri522d ago

Yeah Arkham City/Knight felt more like a Batman theme park than a genuine open world city.

Ratchet75522d ago

Arkham city was populated but Arkham night was a ghost town with way too much driving imo.

jbull522d ago

I'm guessing that WB Montreal will likely release their rumored Batman Court of Owls game in Oct/Nov 2020. Hard to tell what the cancelled Damian Wayne game by Rocksteady would be like, the idea of going up against Gorilla Grodd is interesting.

ShadowWolf712522d ago

Eh, kinda feels like we dodged a bit of a bullet there. The villains shown so far are a bit underwhelming, Grodd isn't really a Batman villain, and... Damian? Really?


Blu3_Berry522d ago

I would love another Batman game. Hell, I just want something from them at this point. I'm a bit surprised we haven't gotten anything, especially from WB Montreal.

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The story is too old to be commented.