Trump’s tax on video game consoles, other electronics delayed until December 15

So far, video games have avoided getting hit in the ongoing trade war between the US and China. That was about to change when the president announced a 10% tariff on video game consoles and other electronics. Now the Trump administration is delaying the import tax on electronics until December 15.

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Jin_Sakai7d ago

How about we delay it indefinitely!

Brave_Losers_Unite7d ago

American consumers are paying more because of Trump's tariffs on China.

S2Killinit7d ago

Yes its true. I would vote trump out of office because if he doesnt listen to people now, imagine what he would do in his 2nd term. But, I think the tariffs on china are a necessity. Its our burden to tolerate the consequences. (I maybe wrong but thats what I feel about it)

dumahim6d ago

Yes, that's how tariffs work.

starchild6d ago

Yes, China has got away with unfair trade practices and theft of intellectual property for many years. So, doing the right thing for the country right now will probably hurt in the short term, but it will result in fair trade and prosperity in the long term. I'll gladly pay a bit more for certain goods coming from China today so that my son and other future Americans won't have to suffer the consequences of even worse unfair trade practices and intellectual theft.

ControllerBreaker6d ago

No, American consumers are paying more because past presidents turned a blind eye to unfair chinese trade practises like masses of state aid, manipulation of their currency, stealing western technology and not allowing western companies to operate in china freely.

Quite how people can make out Trump is the bad guy in this when he is trying to protect American jobs against an evil, cruel country like china that boils dogs alive, illegally still occupies Tibet , is beyond me. The young have been brainwashed by the left and put their video games before democracy and jobs.

esherwood6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Small price to pay. As long as China’s suffering more then the tariffs are working. It’s crazy people would get upset about something as small as a luxury items prices going up. compared to what’s at stake it’s a small price to pay. Everyone takes for granted amarica is what it is but if we don’t look out for our countries best interest and let everyone rip us off things can get bad very fast. Pretty sure theres never been a country lose on every trade deal there apart of and prosper. Honestly this countries full of a bunch of spoiled brats and pretty sure China realizes all they got to do is ride trump out then they can continue to rape us

Sophisticated_Chap6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

China is devaluing their currency and are subsidizing their industries, so companies don't leave for Taiwan, Vietnam and other competing countries. Because of this,American consumers are not actually paying for these tariffs. Calling this a tax on American consumers is fake news. It would be good for Gamefreaks365 to get themselves informed before writing an article on something that they clearly know nothing about.

IamTylerDurden16d ago (Edited 6d ago )

North America has already been declining on the world gaming scale. Europe has emerged as the most important region, NPD is no longer as relevant, and companies are focusing more and more on other parts of the world. I wonder how bad it gets with this tariff? More and more developers and publishers are setting up shop in other parts of the world as well. It's been great for gaming, but i worry as the US loses more and more influence on the world gaming scene if more devs/pubs will opt for places other than the US?

Consoles and physical media are on the way out, but this tariff will only accelerate the process. So if you like your PS4 and you love your physical collector's editions, enjoy it while it lasts..

An all-digital, GaaS, Google Stadia, EA Access future, no console, digital collector's edition (w/digital artbook!!) future. Enjoy.

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assassin2k6d ago

At least Trump is alienating a lot of younger voters. Hopefully this way all the gamers will help vote Trump out.

Eonjay6d ago

Well the problem is that Trump doesn't have the aver consumer's interest in mind. The reason is because companies will not take a profit cut. They will make us pay for the tariffs.

That is the only possible outcome here meaning that he isn't accomplishing anything except to make us pay more.


It's either Trump or the communists. Lose lose situation.

esherwood6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Eonjay that’s the only possible outcome? So factories leaving China for cheaper alternatives like what is actually happening isn’t more realistic? The fact that China can compete in our markets and we can’t do the same alone is wrong. Never mind the fact they got entire sections of government dedicated to stealing our intellectual property and selling it as there own

IamTylerDurden16d ago (Edited 6d ago )

You people are Fox News brainwashed and i personally do mind paying significantly more for a hobby that i already pay excessively for.

If you actually think this tariff will do anything but squeeze consumers, hurt developrs and publishers, and line the pockets of the US government you are delusional. A 10% increase still doesn't even the odds. In order to accomplish the bs pipe dream that team Donald is feeding you, it would have to be reasonably higher than 10% because China can still produce most goods cheaper than the US even at a 10% increase. This is just common sense, but i'm sure some red blooded Republican will show me a chart via Rupert Murdoch that says otherwise.

I just love how these crooks get mouth breathing Americans to vote against their own economic interests. They use a flashy headline about immigrants, gays, IP theft, terrorism, communism, ect to distract you while they quietly take your freedom and money through the backdoor. All it takes is a bs line about "the betterment of this country" or "keeping Murica safe". "Do it for your great grandchildren". "If you don't allow the government to rape you the bad guys win". We can't let China get away with it, we can't let the terrorists win, or the red scare (but now the government loves Russia because it suits them). All they need to do is identify a boogeyman and scare people into submission so the US government can promptly run roughshod all over you. It's been like this literally for as long as government has been around, but it seems to be getting worse. There were actually people who wanted to build a wall. To spend unholy gobs of money on a wall.

If the government needs revenue they should find other means. If the government wants America to start producing goods again, use your brains to find a method that doesn't involve raising taxes and killing the consumer as well as crippling a thriving US industry. Yes, this tariff is essentially a tax. Create more incentives for US business, promote a market that the US has a legitimate advantage in already. This tariff won't change a thing. I'd assume the best possible outcome would be companies buying from Korea or similar countries? Is the US electronics market going to take over because of this? I'm baffled at how people can be okay with this on N4G of all places. I'm not rich, i'm not a fake do-gooder American and i don't want to pay Canadian prices or worse for my gaming. This is absolute bullshit, from the heart, i resent this and i fear for the gaming industry once this is enacted

The gaming industry makes more money than ever, yet it's harder than ever for devs/pubs to stay afloat because of all the competition and the cost of game development. This tariff will only hurt the industry and stifle the Us gaming industry next gen. God help us.

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XiNatsuDragnel7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

How about we removing the tax, thanks Trump for an orange dorillos chip that you are being rn, because you have pissed off a lot of gamers

Rynxie7d ago

Doesn't piss me off. Why does it piss you off? Because, orange man bad?

jdaboss7d ago

Does that make Orange fan Mad? assclown.

Magic_Spatula7d ago

So you're okay with paying more for your videogames or other electronics for that matter? Cuz that's what's gonna happen if this tax on import goods goes through. Who knows how much extra we're gonna be paying for these things if this goes through. That or if it's too high, Sony and Nintendo (maybe Microsoft) won't be selling their consoles to the United States because the taxes would make it too expensive to have them shipped to the US.

JEECE7d ago

It is kind of funny that all it takes to get people to support free trade is for Trump to be against it. It's especially encouraging since Bernie Sanders actually agrees with Trump's use of tariffs, except that he thinks Trump doesn't go far enough. It's nice to know that none of these people who hate Trump's tariffs are going to go vote for Bernie.

Salooh7d ago

Isnt Tulsi against this nonesense? If true, as gamers, i think she will be more positive to your life than bernie since she is not an idiot like Trump. She may also stop the iran war and bring back your troops from all these countries and invest the military money on american issues.

But screw logic i guess..

JEECE7d ago

There doesn't seem to be much traction behind her, despite strong debate performances and weak ones from her opponents.

esherwood6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Magic_spatula yeah everyone’s going to give up there biggest market because taxes have gone up a bit. Do you seriously think that’s a potential problem? I swear liberals are worse then children. What do they thinks going to happen with free healthcare for everyone (illegals) and open borders? That’s going to cost a hell of a lot more then this trade war with no potential payoff

Gotcha56d ago

okay who's all in for impeachment?

IamTylerDurden16d ago (Edited 6d ago )


It pisses me the fuck off because gaming is already an expensive hobby without the tax. This tariff will increase the price of consoles and games considerably. You are cool with paying close to $80 after tax for a new game? I'm not rich, i love gaming, this is bullshit and i personally don't want to see this tax cripple my favorite companies and help bring about the end of consoles and physical media. Europe has already emerged as the premier market for gaming, i guess this tax will help to make the US gaming market even less relevant? Thanks Trump.

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2pacalypsenow6d ago

What does "being an orange dorito chip" even mean?

Imagine if you made fun of the color of the skin of our last president.

Ace3266d ago

Well to be fair his skin color is coming from fake tans while Obama most likely did not get fake tans. So if you were to make fun of Obama then yeah you would be sounding pretty racist. Spray tan is not an actual skin tone.

esherwood6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Forgot you can’t be racist against whites. In today’s victims olympics unfortunately we place last so everything’s fair game

Old_Prodigy6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

There's a difference one is artificial and one is natural. There's nothing to be made fun of.

2pacalypsenow6d ago

So the society who’s fighting to stop bullying based on looks, weight, disabilities etc..
Finds it ok to make fun of other people? So is it selective bullying that’s ok? Only people that you disagree with or don’t like are ok to be racist and bullies too?

esherwood6d ago

Antiffa’s just a bunch of nerds that got bullied there whole life that finally got some self confidence. Instead of being better people they’re just bullying people in return. Also the so called oppressed people on the composes demanding all white people leave campus for the day lol, so oppressed

zypher6d ago


Trump is the biggest bully with a platform. He gets what he deserves.

IamTylerDurden16d ago (Edited 6d ago )


Are you dense? Trump has a horrible, fake looking tan that gives him reverse raccoon eyes and an orange sheen. Is it hard to understand?

The comparison is fucking ridiculous. Obama is an African-American man. He didn't dye his skin, he was born that way, he can't help his color. Trump didn't come out the womb an orange raisin, he did it to himself because he is a pompous, self absorbed man that is obsessed with status and superficial things, and he thinks it looks good. Same with the hair.

Also, Trump is fair game. Did Obama routinely make fun of people and consistently degrade people's intelligence, looks, sexual orientation, sex, ect? Trump literally makes fun of people for their looks, as president of the United States he does this. If you throw heat, be a man and take the fire coming back. As a Trump supporter (an assumption, i know) you should accept it as well. Your president is an asshole who rags on everyone, he deserves the backfire and you know it. Accept it.

Oh, and being orange because you are superficial and use too much tanner isn't a racial thing, whereas, ragging on Obama for being black absolutely is. The comparison is asanine.

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fonger087d ago

Nothing like solving a problem you create... which seems to be mainly this administrations game plan.

nucky646d ago

really? unemployment lower than it's been in15 years - in particular, ethnic/black unemployment at all-time lows. stocks are doing well. economy has been doing well. they're doing everything they can to control illegal immigrants.
so explain how you can make that statement with all of this happening.

Scatpants6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

How bout the massive bailouts he's having to pay to farmers after China dropped our agricultural products or the record number of farmer bankruptcies. Businesses are losing billions from this. We're on the verge of a recession.

Ahytys6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

"Stocks are doing well" "economy has been doing well"
This comment will age very badly lol

Ace3266d ago

I find this so odd. The price of everything is going up while wages stagnate. The economy isn't doing well only some businesses are doing well. Not saying someone could do a better job, but to say stocks are doing well is to say "well the tires don't have holes" when the car doesn't start.

Old_Prodigy6d ago (Edited 6d ago )




Very badly, the article I linked was posted more than 2 hours before your comment.

CaptainObvious8786d ago

Don't bother, nucky, there's no reasoning with anyone with trump derangement syndrome.


VanityFair... That's totally a fair and unbiased news source...

fonger086d ago

There is nothing statistically different (or better) than what this administration has done than what the previous administration did from economic standpoint except taking the baton at the end of race where you were already in first place.

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Rynxie7d ago

Trump needs to tax Nintendo and also ban their violent video games. Really, what a racist game they have. A stereotypical Italian plumber who abuses animals and kills minority npcs.

Stanjara7d ago

You forgot to mention that He is a white male, chasing helpless wamen with gold money.

JackBNimble6d ago

I know a few Italians who would not be happy if you called them white.

DaDrunkenJester7d ago

I'll gladly pay the 10% if it helps put China in its place. It's about time someone tries to do something about their terrible greedy ways.

Gheritt_White7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Because the USA isn't greedy? :-S

FunAndGun7d ago

You are a fool, American greed got us into this.

nucky646d ago

if he's the fool, explain, in detail, how american greed caused the china trade imbalance.

Eonjay6d ago (Edited 6d ago )



So... tell me in detail why most of our imports come from China in the first place. Hmmm? Still dont get it huh? That's why the call American citizens fools. Everyone else can follow what happened.

Here we let people with their own agendas tell us what's happening regardless of the actual truth.

knickstr7d ago

Nothing is going to happen to China in this. Hell we borrow a lot of money from them just to keep our economy up and running. Every time we raise the spending limit and raise the deficit we are borrowing money from countries like China and other world powers. They have more leverage over us than we do them unfortunately.

nucky646d ago

how can you be so uneducated? do you even pay attention to what's going on in china right now?

knickstr6d ago

It wont be good for either China or the US, but that's the bad thing about tarrifs. It's like playing chicken with two trains. It will hurt both sides, but in this case the US owes a lot of money to China and we import way more than we export to china. With tariffs the consumer will pay more for products imported and China is already looking for alternate suppliers for what we do export like in the case of china going to russia for some of their farming needs which has already devasted a lot of farmers who essentially needed a bail out to survive. China has a lot of leverage on us because we've been relying on them for far too long.

kohox7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

The sad thing is your just "Trump said it" so it must be good. But the reality is this is never going to work because no one else is joining him. So every other country is getting things for less putting them in a stronger trade position now and especially in the future. Trump lowering the value of the Chinese currency only helps everyone else more and hurts the US exponentially.

And Trump will never get alliances because no one trusts him or even likes him and after all the deals and alliances he has sabotaged so far. No one is ever going to work with him on anything. He's a short term problem for the world, he'll be gone in a year or four. Just ignore him until he goes away which is a good plan for any bully is basically what the world is doing to Trump which is why nothing he does will ever work.

nucky646d ago

this has nothing to do with other countries - it has to do with the trade agreement between the US and CHINA. and it will work because without the US, the chinese have a LOT of products they routinely sell in the US.
btw - the bully here is china - they've had their way with the US in trade for too long. trump is trying to even up the agreement.

Atanasrikard6d ago

The sad thing is your just "Trump said it" so it must be bad. All the deals and alliances that he has pulled out of are because they were horrible deals for America. Trump is not a globalist, he is concerned about America first and everyone else second.

I should point out that Mexico is actually starting to take more "refugees" and spending more money to curb the crisis on the border as a direct result of Trump. What were you saying again about nothing he does ever working?

kohox6d ago


You understand that China sells products to other countries too, and that those countries also compete to sell with the US to sell their own products all over the world. So if Europe can manufacture and obtain cheap goods from China and sell them cheaper than the US they are at a trade advantage over the US.


Do you truly believe that is a sustainable policy?

Any business man knows you'll always get the best deals from your friends. They are just going to give the best deals to people who work with them versus people who work against them. By setting everyone at odds with the US Trump is setting up a situation where people don't want to work with him.

You can already see this happening in the tariffs and military policy where Trump has tried to make alliances and no one wants to join him.

LoveSpuds7d ago

It is corporate America that has leeched billions and billions of pounds/euros from Europe through tax evasion. As far as I am concerned, American greed is the biggest problem in Britain there is, I earn a modest living, it cannot be right that I pay more tax than Google, Apple, Facebook, Starbucks, Amazon etc.

Of course, the European Union are the only ones who are serious about sorting out this tax avoidance which is why Brexit is happening. All those lying scumbags like Boris and Rees-Mogg, who sold Brexit to the moronic public, have a vested interest in putting the brakes on any addressing of tax dodging here, the only way to achieve that, is by leaving the EU.....and what a suprise, that utter cretin Trump back Brexit too!

nucky646d ago

so, you think the US is to blame for your higher taxes? did you ever think about how much of your tax dollars go to the 100s of millions that is given to your royal family nonsense? don't look outside the UK for answers to your problems - there is plenty that needs fixing there too.

Noctis6d ago

its not just 10, its 25%

DaDrunkenJester6d ago

"So far, video games have avoided getting hit in the ongoing trade war between the US and China. That was about to change when the president announced a 10% tariff on video game consoles and other electronics. Now the Trump administration is delaying the import tax on electronics until December 15."

I'm just referencing what the article is saying.

Noctis6d ago

it will increase to 25% if it isn't stopped

Scatpants6d ago

Yeah but it doesn't. It's just a huge failure that we pay for once again.

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